To Expand Global, Act Locally Now

To Expand Global, Act Locally Now

The number of US Merchants, eCommerce and marketplaces entering the market outside of North American is on the increase continually. So it’s no wonder that when we can scan the news everywhere, like: « Shopbop » bolsters Chinese consumers’ cross-border experiences; « Amazon Prime’s » outstanding performance in Europe, etc.

To achieve your global aspirations, providing a seamless cross-border online shopping experience for foreign consumers is KEY. One of the first problems that comes to mind is language and to solve the CHECK-OUT experience: different currencies and various local check out habits – low credit card penetration, offering consumers a choice of payment and making it simple and secure, is amongst the first steps required to tear down the « border » and open up your International roadmap. Like providing German consumers with their familiar Online Banking payment methods, integration of e-wallets for Chinese consumers who don’t really use Cards and giving LatAM consumers their preference of « pay-by-cash », etc.

However, apart from integration of multiple payment methods; the financial flow of value, acquiring solutions that meet different national regulations and reconciliation across different regions are also potential challenges for any Merchant and Market-place and these need to be taken into consideration.

Of course, besides the adoption of accepted local payment methods, other factors also come in to ‘play’ – like how to provide services for non-English-speaking consumers, how to deal with International delivery and Duty and Tax Fees, etc.

CliveWilliams-Limonetik-2015To know more, you are welcome to attend the upcoming presentation by Clive Williams, Global Business Development Director of Limonetik, at APEX (All Payments Expo) in New Orleans on the afternoon of 21 March 2016.