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Where to find a solution for payment and acquiring online shoppers?

Using a solution for payment and to help acquiring customers can significantly increase sales for online stores. Indeed, having a wide choice and being able to combine multiple means of payment (credit/debit cadres, gift vouchers, e-wallets, etc.) encourages customers to buy more. Limonetik is a reliable partner for all e-sellers willing to implement dematerialized payment methods on their website.

Which solution of payment use for acquiring buyers?

Limonetik website is specialized in dematerialized payment instruments creation and roll-out aimed at improving the payment experience and facilitating the whole increase customer loyalty. Limonetik accelerates means of payment connection in the field of online sale sometimes in collaboration with the PSP. Limonetik was designed so that complex electronic payment flow management is easier, regardless of the solutions of payment available including, online holiday vouchers, standard credit card. It can be an efficient solution for payment and acquiring buyers if used well.

Solution for payment and acquiring by Limonetik

The Limonetik solution for payment and acquiring clients has taken a complex and onerous administrative task and turned it onto a sales and marketing opportunity. Such clients have been presented with increasing complexity in recent years as the number of payment channels open to customers has multiplied. It is no longer sufficient to just offer credit and debit card payments and solutions for payments and acquiring banks must reflect this new reality or the vendors will simply be forced to move their business to a supplier who can offer his customers these new payment channels. Limonetik enables these clients to easily offer these services without the need for the costly and time-consuming development and integration work that would otherwise be involved.

A new type of solution for payment and acquiring clients

The Limonetik platform has the capability to integrate a huge number of different payment types, orchestrating the flows of financial information and data between each and providing a single and coherent solution that deals with the complexity and provides an elegant solution to everyone in involved in the payment chain, right from the customer to the acquirer. In doing so, the platform is successful in adding value at each stage in the process in order to create a unified and compelling solution.

Setting new standards in solutions for payment and acquiring clients

It is clear that Limonetik has created a solution for payment and acquiring clients that has transformed expectations in the industry. The platform enables payments through a number of channels in addition to the usual debit and credit cards. These can include the management of loyalty and rewards schemes, the acceptance of vouchers or coupons and the processing of mobile payments. What is more, the customer can actually choose to use a combination of these channels in order to make a purchase, which boosts his spending power and therefore increases the vendor’s sales.

A solution for payment and acquiring that actually boosts sales

By offering vendors a solution for payment and acquiring transactions that includes so many channels, the payment services provider differentiates itself from the competition and increase customer acquisition and retention. The vendor is also able to benefit, with features like dynamic checkout pages, which create offers for customers depending on an agreed set of rules. The vendor too, therefore, is able to retain customers and build loyalty. Finally, the customer also benefits in having his payment preferences catered for and enjoying the offers and loyalty points offered to him.

Zoom on Limonetik offer

Limonetik specializes in creation and implementation of online payment methods in order to improve payment experience and help to achieve an optimized purchasing process. In addition to payment, Limonetik has a acknowledged experience in paperless refunds, among which processing, collecting, foreign exchange, services account reconciliation, etc. Limonetik was created to make complex electronic payment flow management easier complex electronic payment flow management, even if a wide variety of means of payment is supported: classic credit card, coupons, online gift cards, online loyalty program, prepaid cards and accounts. Within the framework of a multichannel payment strategy, Limonetik assists diversifying the means of payment provided to final buyers. Limonetik’s mission is to enable quicker integration of payment solutions for internet selling professionals whether directly or via payment service provider.


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