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Smart payment management solution developed by Limonetik

Using a smart payment management solution is one of the best ways for efficiently dealing with multiple and combined payment methods required by online buyers used to settle online purchases. That can also help optimizing sales and customers’ loyalty. Online merchants can call for Limonetik to get a quick and safe online payment management tool.

Using a smart payment solution

As part of a cross-channel payment policy, Limonetik gives merchant sites the opportunity to offers alternative smart payment solutions to visitors and customers. Limonetik website is a specialist of e-means of payment creation and deployment aimed at improving the payment experience and easing the retaining of your visitors. Limonetik aims to speed payment instruments connection for internet-based sales companies whether directly or derivatively through the payment service provider. The features of Limonetik solutions comprise marketplace bills automation along with dematerialized refunds.

Smart payment solution by Limonetik

Succeeding in online business can mean reaping rich rewards but it is also an increasingly complex and competitive market. Smart marketing techniques can bring traffic to the site but the vendor then needs a smart payment solution to take advantage of this opportunity and convert those visitors into loyal customers. The Limonetik platform is just such a solution. This next generation payment solution offers customers an omni-channel payment journey, incorporating credit and debit cards, vouchers, mobile payments and many others. At the same time, it offers the vendors a simplified and unified solution to the issued of multiplying payment channels.

The value of smart payments solutions from Limonetik

Customers these days are demanding choice and the reality is that if they do not get it from one vendor then they will simply move on to the next: such is the competition online. The smart payment solution from Limonetik enables vendors to meet those demands and create a competitive advantage over alternative sites and marketplaces. Meeting the expectations of customers when it comes to payment types is a step in the road towards building customer loyalty but it is just the first step. With Limonetik, that journey has just begun.

Using a smart payment solution to build a loyal customer base

Matching payment channels to a customer’s preferred payment methods will help to build his trust and enable him to extend his buying power but Limonetik offers so much more. The customer is also allowed to select multiple different payment types to make a purchase and the smart payment solution also enables deposits and installment payments. This in itself will also enable greater sales but when the customer reaches the checkout page it is here that Limonetik can really make a difference with an innovative approach that is designed to tackle the issues of abandoned carts and transform the checkout process into a sales opportunity

A smart payment solution that increases sales

On arrival at the checkout page, the customer is presented with the vendor’s look and feel and also a checkout process that is simple to use and fast. There is also easy access to support staff in order to reassure the customer. Limonetik’s smart payment solution then creates dynamic offers in real time based on the customer’s activity on the site, so that the customer is rewarded for their custom and is encouraged to return to spend his loyalty points.

Limonetik, the reference supplier of e- means of payment

Limonetik specializes in creation and integration of online means of payment in order to give the best possible payment experience, promoting purchaser’s loyalty. Using its multi-channel payment platform, Limonetik assists diversifying the means of payment offered to end-buyers. Thanks to Limonetik, managing complex electronic payment flows is now simpler, irrespective of the payment solutions available just to mention prepaid cards and accounts, bank card, online gift vouchers, online gift cards, digital wallet. Limonetik delivers other functions such as financial flows reporting, which means processing, collecting, account reconciliation, foreign exchange services, etc. Limonetik aims to quickly implement new payment solutions for online stores whether directly or through payment service provider.


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