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Service for payment chain


Service for payment chain

Accept payments

Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
payment method

Service for payment chain

Reconcile & Collect

Maximize your productivity by reducing the complexity of payment flows management with services such as collecting, reconciliation,
currency exchange & compliance


Enable scalable remittances especially designed for the marketplace business model and boost your business with a complete system which
supports any currency

Optimizing the service for payment chain

A service for payment chain has to be well managed for avoiding errors during the processing of the transactions, loss of customers and loss of money. That is why financial companies call for professional experts as Limonetik to provide them the best solutions that can meet their needs, especially in terms of efficiency and safety for the financial operations.

Limonetik services for payment chain advantages

Limonetik’s platform is dedicated to all e-vendors who have problems of payment instruments creation and integration with the aim of the payment experience and facilitate the whole promote customer relation. Limonetik minimizes time of payment instruments connection for all e- commerce sites possibly in collaboration with the payment service provider. Facilitator of multichannel payment, Limonetik helps e-vendors put alternative means of payment at the visitors’ and buyers disposal, and also several services for payment chain.

Efficient services for payment chain

The simplicity of online payments masks a complex industry with a long chain of customers, vendors, payment services providers and banks. The technology behind the industry is complex also but Limonetik provides a service for payment chain companies that takes the hard work out of implementing the solution. Limonetik allows these companies to rapidly integrate a plethora of new payment channels and provide them to vendors as soon as they are demanded by customers. Limonetik accelerates access to payment channels for e-traders and creates welcome diversity by enabling online credit, gift cards and e-wallets among many other payment types.

Efficient services for payments chains providers

Deploying the Limonetik platform allows vendors to offer their clients a wide range of payment types in one single solution. This greatly simplifies the issues vendors usually experience around integration and deployment. As experts in service for payment chain providers, Limonetik has already completed the heavy lifting of the back office work and can offer clients a seamless and rapid integration to have them up and running on the platform in six weeks. By deploying the platform, marketplace vendors gain a competitive advantage by gaining time at every stage in the business process, from signing up sellers to managing payments.

A contemporary service for payment chain clients

The world of payment is increasing in complexity. Gone are the days when it was sufficient to just have a card payment facility on a trading site. Now customers are demanding more and Limonetik’s service for payment chain providers has been developed to allow vendors to satisfy that demand. The company’s solution provides a single, integrated platform and provides an omni-channel payment pathway for clients and moves marketplace onto the next generation of payment solutions. In addition to these multi-channel pathways, the system also allows combination of payment types to be used for a single purchase and orchestrates partial and instalment payments.

A sales service for payment chain providers

The Limonetik platform isn’t just about facilitating payments, it is also about building sales. The company’s services for payments chains providers extends to creating dynamic, branded payments pages that improve the customer experience at checkout and in doing so improve the conversion rate and increase the average value of the shopping cart. Limonetik achieves this by creating personalised offers that turn the shopper’s checkout process into an opportunity to benefit from loyalty schemes and money off vouchers.

Thanks to Limonetik, complex electronic payment flow management is easier, whatever the methods of payment accepted, only to mention online loyalty program, bank credit card, prepaid cards and accounts, online holiday vouchers, online gift cards. Limonetik’s main activity is creation and integration of online means of payment with the objective of the payment experience and optimize the entire which promotes customer relation.. With its platform of cross-channel payment, Limonetik is willing to allow electronic commerce merchants to make alternative means of payment available for their visitors. Limonetik limits delays of means of payment connexion for internet-based sales actors sometimes with the support of the PSP. Furthermore, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation along with dematerialized refunds.