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Responsive design payment pages: call for Limonetik

Responsive design payment pages are now mandatory to attract and retain customers on online stores by improving the overall purchasing experience. E-sellers that want to implement such practical and efficient payment pages for their merchant website or marketplace can call for Limonetik. A team of experts will help them selecting and setting up the solution that will best meet their requirements.

Accelerate online payment process with Limonetik

Limonetik’s objective is to minimize time of payment methods connection for e-commerce players sometimes in collaboration with their payment service provider. Limonetik’s core activity is the creation and the implementation of online payment methods aimed at improving the payment experience and smoothen the whole promote customer relation. Facilitator of cross-channel payment, Limonetik wants e-vendors deploys alternative payment methods and responsive design payment pages to online buyers.

Responsive design payment pages for increasing your sales

Winning sales on the web is a competitive business and vendors must do all they can to secure a customer. Bringing the customer to the site can involve expensive online marketing campaigns and complex SEO activities on the website. The creation of relevant landing pages and quality content must also be achieved, so it is vital that all of this investment is rewarded by the visitor completing a sale. Sadly, however, the conversion rate can be small and many of those who star the checkout process fail to complete it. Thankfully, the creation of responsive design payment pages can help minimize these losses.

Understanding responsive design payment pages

Deploying responsive design payments pages is one way to minimize the issue of abandoned carts and help to create loyal customers. Put simply, the responsive design payment pages change according to the behavior of individual shoppers, creating a personalized and more relevant experience. For example, a customer who arrives on the payments page having selected a pair of shoes may be presented with offers on complimentary products, such as cleaners and polishes. This turns the payment page into a great opportunity to up-sell and cross sell, therefore making the most of every customer’s visit and increasing sales revenues.

Building trust with responsive design payment pages

Research shows that around 68% of people who start the checkout process online never complete their purchase. Often, this is due to the checkout process being too long and laborious but it can also be due to the customer losing confidence in the website. Using responsive design payment pages helps to combat this by creating a checkout process that is clearly designed with that customer in mind. This dynamic process interprets the customer’s onsite behaviour and uses this intelligence to create individual offers, which greatly enhances the checkout completion rate.

Using responsive design payment pages to reward customers

If it is hard to win new customers, keeping them and turning them into loyal repeat clients is only sensible. This is where the Limonetik system excels. The responsive design payment pages of the Limonetik platform can be set up to present the customer with the opportunity to collect reward points. These loyalty programs have been proven to be extremely effective in online stores and can form an important and valuable part of any customer retention strategy. In such ways, the Limonetik platform becomes a core member of the sales and marketing team.

Check out Limonetik complete range of services

Limonetik specializes in creation and deployment of online means of payment in order to offer the optimum payment experience and ease the whole purchasing journey. Thanks to its multi-channel payment platform, Limonetik allows e- commerce merchants to respond to latest client’s requirements. Simplified complex electronic payment management has become a reality by Limonetik, irrespective of the number of payment solutions supported including prepaid cards and accounts, standard credit card, online gift cards, e- wallet. Moreover, Limonetik has a proven know-how in marketplace invoice automation, which means account reconciliation, currency translation processing, collecting... Limonetik significantly limits deployment time of means of payment in the area of online sales, possibly by involving the PSP.


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