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A reliable prepaid gift cards management tool

Prepaid gift card is one of the innovative payment methods that can be proposed to the online buyers on e-stores or marketplaces. But it has to come with the appropriate management tool. Limonetik is a reliable partner for dematerialized payments solutions for online stores. Its team will be pleased to help e-sellers select and implement the one that best fit their needs.

Prepaid gift card and other payment methods management

Limonetik is aimed at accelerating payment methods connection for e- store sometimes in collaboration with their payment service provider. Limonetik platform is specialized in e- means of payment creation and integration with the objective of the payment experience and smoothen the entire which increases customer loyalty. Limonetik was developed so that complex electronic payment flow management is easier, whatever the tools of payment supported including online gift cards, prepaid gift card and accounts, online holiday vouchers, online purse, online loyalty program, standard credit card.

Prepaid gift card, another mean of online payment

It can be difficult to always buy the perfect gift for friends, family and colleagues, so a prepaid gift card can be a helpful choice. This allows the recipient to get the gift they actually want, rather than something that is well-meaning but unsuitable. Lots of us these days enjoy shopping online but unfortunately few online merchants accept prepaid gift cards, so this can limit the usability of the gift and involve the recipient in spending a lot of time venturing onto the High Street in order to make use of the token. Thankfully, however, Limonetik is changing how we shop online

An online system that accepts prepaid gift cards

The Limonetik platform is a multi-channel payment system that allows the customer to buy their chosen goods using the payment methods they prefer. These include card payments, of course, but they also include coupons, vouchers, prepaid gift cards and loyalty points. This greatly improves the buying experience for the customer and they can also use more than one type of payment to complete a purchase. For example, the recipient of a prepaid gift card may choose to top up the card with an additional payment from their own credit card.

Rewarding users who pay with a prepaid gift card

Shoppers using the Limonetik platform will enjoy a huge variety of payment terms but the choice does not stop there. In fact, when the customer arrives on the checkout page to pay with his prepaid gift card, he will be presented with additional benefits. The system allows he vendor to present the user with a number of incentives, such as cashback offers or loyalty points. These are personal to the customer and based on his activity on the website.

Closing sales with a prepaid gift card

It is known that two thirds of all customers abandon shopping carts without completing a purchase. This can be due to the checkout process being too long or complicated or to the customer losing confidence in the website. This can be true of even customers using a prepaid gift card. To combat this, The Limonetik platform has a checkout process that is rapid and easy to use, while access to support staff reassures the shopper. The checkout page is also branded with the vendor’s identity, to reassure the customer that they are indeed in the right place.

Zoom on Limonetik offer

Limonetik is a platform dedicated to merchant websites who face problems in payment solutions creation and introduction in order to deliver the best possible payment experience and optimize the whole purchasing journey. Using its cross-channel payment platform, Limonetik assists diversifying the means of payment provided to ultimate purchasers. Limonetik helps to quickly implement new payment solutions within the field of electronic commerce, directly or through payment service provider. Optimized complex electronic payment management has become a reality by Limonetik, coming from multiple payment methods for example classic credit card, online wallet, online gift cards, prepaid cards and accounts. Limonetik offers additional services such as financial flows reporting, which means processing, collecting, account reconciliation, foreign exchange services...


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