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Reasons to consider a POS terminal for Alipay (or WeChat Pay)

Alipay and WeChat Pay are some of the most common payment choices for Chinese consumers and there is also a growing demand for these services in Europe and the United States. Considering a POS terminal for Alipay and WeChat Pay is easy thanks to our expertise in integration with other payment methods and our robust and innovative international payments gateway.

A POS terminal for WeChat Pay and Alipay will ensure that you are able to take payments from anybody using these methods of payment. That means no lost sales because you have to turn customers away at the checkout. Through our simplified integration process, we can help you to accept Alipay and WeChat pay methods on your POS systems very quickly.

Best for customers, best for your business

Integrating a POS terminal for Alipay and WeChat Pay across your business ensures you have a modern Point of Sale that is capable of accepting some of the most commonly used payment methods in the world. In addition to Alipay and WeChat Pay, we can help with the integration of many payment methods and also help you with complementary services such as loyalty card programs.

You might be thinking that the implementation of a POS terminal with WeChat Pay or Alipay is a complicated process. The good news is that our platform is not only simple to use, but simple to integrate with your POS systems. It means you can be up and running before you know it and be ready to offer your customers more freedom to shop and pay.

Blow your competition away

When you offer your customers more ways to pay, you instantly get the edge over your competition. Once you have integrated your POS system with WeChat Pay and Alipay, shout it from the rooftops. Use in-store advertising to tell customers which payment methods you take, make announcements on social media and make sure you list all payment methods on your website. Remember, in addition to integrating your POS with Alipay and WeChat Pay, we can also integrate your website to use the same payment methods.

Give your customers the best customer experience possible

In today’s competitive retail world, customer experience is everything. When you use an international payment platform that keeps everything under one roof, you not only provide a convenient customers experience, but a secure one, too.

There are many players in the payment processing market. Some offer a patchwork of legacy technology that can be unreliable while others only offer a partial solution that can create downtime and blind spots in the payment process. We integrate your POS terminal with Alipay and WeChat Pay together with many other payment solutions, all in one solution.

To find out more about our international payment solutions and how we can help you to reach out to new markets and offer your customers the freedom to do business with you wherever they are and on whichever payment medium they are using, speak to our team today.


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