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Payment solution for marketplace: how to choose the right solution

The online shopping experience has changed extensively over the last decade. Where once online shopping was a gimmick it is now a necessity and if you cannot offer a good experience to your customers, they will shop elsewhere. A smart payment solution for marketplace is one that allows customers to choose from a multitude of different payment options. From credit and debit cards and gift cards to loyalty cards and instalments, the more payment freedom you give to your customers the more likely it is that they will come back to your site time and time again.

For online stores to be successful they need to deploy more than one payment solution for marketplace. They should look at the many international payment solutions available and do research on where their customers are originating from. For example, if you have lots of customers to your website from China, you may want to add Alipay or WeChat Pay to your payment methods as these are very popular with Chinese consumers.

There is not only one payment solution for marketplace nowadays and webstores better deploy several of them. And as each of them has its specificities, they must be carefully selected in order to fit your needs and meet the customers’. Limonetik can help you to find and manage the best solutions for your online business.

The advantages of choosing Limonetik

At Limonetik, we have the expertise and innovative systems that will boost your sales, your profits and your online reputation. If you are worried that adding more payment solutions is a complex task, don’t be. We work closely with all payment solution for marketplace providers ensuring a smooth and fast transition. We also understand the market and the payment methods that your consumers are using. Looking to attract more people from one particular country? We can give you advice on the best payment method to choose that will ensure customers in that location have the freedom to shop with you.

Our platform is secure, robust and designed for the e-commerce industry. Over the years we have helped many businesses to reap the benefits of multi-channel payment methods and we would be delighted to do the same with you today.

Payment solution for marketplace by Limonetik

The Limonetik platform offers vendors the freedom to choose the payment methods that best suit their line of business, the territory they trade in and the expectations of their customers. We offer all of these payment methods under one roof so that you don’t have to deal with multiple companies. The result is a more streamlined payment process, fewer overheads and less administration from your teams. What’s more, we are constantly updating the payment methods we offer in line with the latest market trends.

An innovative new payment solution for marketplace clients

For a payment solution for marketplace to be successful it must add value. We do this by helping you to overcome the challenges associated with e-commerce such as abandoned carts, confusion at checkout and giving your customers a rewarding checkout experience. With our solution you can not only add payment methods to your existing selection, but also add promotions and other special offers at checkout. This turns the payment process into a more rewarding and exciting experience for customers. As a result, you will find that your customer base will grow, that you will receive more sales and your business reputation will improve.

A payment solution for marketplace clients that understand the customer payment journey

As a leading payment solution for marketplace vendors, Limonetik knows the value in creating a slick and simple checkout process. Too many customers abandon their shopping carts because of long and complex checkouts, so Limonetik makes it snappy and keeps the customer focused by introducing tailored offers and enabling loyalty points to be awarded. With a branded page and access to support staff, the customer feels reassured and valued and is sure to complete their purchase.

The Limonetik platform is developed with agility and freedom of choice in mind. We aim to help our customers to improve the payment experience and revolutionise the payment process from start to finish. Multi-channel payments will help your customers to pay for their goods and services in a way that is convenient and relevant to them and will welcome the choice you give them. From paying with giftcards and loyalty points to splitting payments into instalments or paying a deposit, we give you so many more options than just credit and debit cards alone.

To find out more about the Limonetik payment solution for marketplace, speak to our payment processing experts today. We will work closely with your business to help you win more business, wow more customers and improve your competitive edge.


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