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Payment service provider

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Payment service provider

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Payment service provider: opt for Limonetik

You have to carefully select the payment service provider that will help you to take over the numerous and combined payments methods used by the online buyers on your online boutique or marketplace. Limonetik will accompany you for the choice, the implementation and the management of the financial transactions made by your customers.

Strategic issues related to choosing a payment service provider

Online purchases through different websites and online service providers have developed into a major business due to the fact that these services give the customers the possibility to purchase products directly online. The quality of the services offered by an Electronic Commerce company plays a huge role in attracting more customers. That is the reason why payment service providers are significant for the durability of the activities of an online business owner. Online consumers are often impatient and demanding. They would swiftly try to find other online service providers in case one payment system is complicated or time consuming. It is therefore essential to work closely with a professional service provider that would know how to satisfy the needs of your consumers.

Choosing the right payment service provider should also give you the opportunity to propose a more secure online payment system. Your provider guarantees your financial transactions with industry leading security and fraud prevention systems.

A professional service provider should also establish an efficient payment system free of technical problems that would improve the consumers’ experience.

Limonetik, a professional payment service provider

Limonetik is a professional online payment service provider that has more than 10 years of experience. We work closely with Electronic Commerce companies in developing their payment system. We provide online payment services to help those companies in improving the management of their payment system.

Credit cards, debit cards, fidelity rewards points, promo codes, virtual money, and gift cards are ways to perform an online payment. Those are the reasons why an online vendor should accept as many ways as possible so that the form of payment would not prevent the customer from carrying out the transaction. Limonetik allows its customers to use various payment methods and systems.

We also make sure that our payment service system is integrated within the Electronic Commerce website so that the customers would not be directed towards something else. We are also able to adapt to the activities of the vendors in order to offer innovated and updated services.

Facilitator of multichannel payment, Limonetik allows electronic commerce merchants to provides alternative means of payment to surfers. Limonetik platform is a specialist of online payment instruments creation and deployment in order to improve the payment experience and optimize the whole and contribute to the retention of your buyers. Thanks to Limonetik, complex electronic payment flow management is easier, including for numerous methods of payment for example online gift cards, prepaid cards and accounts, electronic purse, online loyalty program, standard credit card. Limonetik accelerates payment instruments connexion for e-vendors whenever required by involving their payment service provider. Moreover, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation along with paperless refunds.