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Optimize online payments with a payment services specialist

Only a few years ago, consumers could only pay for goods and services offline. Today, this is a very different story, and consumers hope not only to be able to pay online, but also to have a wide choice of different payment methods. If you currently have difficulties in withdrawing payments from your customers, this may be due to the payment service provider you are using. Do you not use a payment service provider? You will need to add one to your website as soon as possible.

If you offer an easy online payment to your customers, you encourage them to order from your website and make it simple for them to place orders on the go and from any device. The effect on your bottom line can be quite dramatic. By the way, if you don’t use a payment service processor you can bet that your competitors will be.

Payment methods that suit your customers

Some of your customers may prefer to use a debit card, some a credit card and others PayPal. We can integrate all options on your website. As a leading payment service processor, we can also offer other options such as gift cards and offering your customers the option to pay in instalments. This can be very convenient for customers who would like to spread the cost and could persuade them to choose your website over a competitor who requires payment in full.

Using a payment service processor opens up numerous business opportunities that may not have been open to you before. If you have noticed abandoned baskets or a high bounce rate on your website, it could all be down to the payment methods you offer your customers. Customers will simply leave your website and find another website that offers what they need if you cannot accommodate the payment methods they have available to them. Some customers may only have one or two payment methods that they use. Give them as many different recognised payment options as you can and they will keep coming back to you time and time again.

Add trust, security and versatility to every transaction

As a leading payment service processor, we ensure that every single transaction that is made through your website is secure. This instils trust in your customers, but also helps to ensure your website is operating in compliance with data protection regulations. This is especially important for companies that deal in EU data.

To find out more about the improvements we can make to your website and help you to encourage more customers to pay through your website, get in touch with the team here at Limonetik today. We would be delighted to show you how a payment service processor can easily integrate with your website and improve your sales and bottom line. Don’t give your competitors a chance to overtake you when we can help you to improve the customer experience and the way you do business.

The company Limonetik

Limonetik is a platform dedicated to e-commerce websites who face issues in payment solutions creation and integration in order to improve payment experience, promoting client’s retention. With Limonetik, dealing with complex electronic payment flows becomes easier, even if a wide range of means of payment is suggested including coupons, prepaid cards and accounts, online gift cards, bank card, electronic wallet. Besides, Limonetik has a proven know-how in paperless refunds, as well as processing, collecting, reconciliation of accounts, currency conversion... Relying on its cross-channel payment platform, Limonetik allows merchant sites to satisfy an increasing demand from ultimate buyers. Limonetik significantly improves deployment time of payment methods for online sales, directly or using payment service provider.


Experience the new world of payments

The change is already underway! Local payment methods, marketplaces and platform economies are key payment trends for the 2020s.