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Where to find a payment infrastructure for your marketplace

If you are looking for a payment infrastructure for marketplace, you are in the right place. This type of solution can completely manage your payment systems on one platform and offer more payment methods to your customers. Limonetik offers a wealth of services and payment options under one roof and has the expertise you need to make your business and payment systems more agile and relevant to today’s consumer.

What can Limonetik do for the marketplace?

The Limonetik platform has been designed for all online retailers who are interested in creating and implementing new payment methods on their systems. When you allow your customers to pay using their preferred payment methods, you improve the entire customer journey. Our aim is to accelerate the implementation of payment connections throughout your business by working closely with your payment service providers. The Limonetik platform was designed to optmise complex electronic payment flow management and to create a secure, reliable and agile payment infrastructure for marketplace, even when customers would like to use multiple payment methods in one transaction.

Payment infrastructure for marketplace by Limonetik

Limonetik has worked hard to create an innovative new payment infrastructure for marketplace vendors. The internet should now be viewed as a virtual shopping mall where customers expect to be able to make decisions and pay for goods in the same way they would in a physical store. That means having the freedom and choice to choose the payment method they would rather use at the time. For example, a customer might prefer to use their gift card balance in addition to their debit or credit card. All businesses will have their own preferred payment methods, such as deposits, instalments, cash on delivery etc. Managing so many different payment methods in the physical world has usually been handled by many different vendors. However, in the online world, this is not possible which is where Limonetik’s platform comes in. Our integrated and agile platform maintains all the payment methods you use under one roof.

We like to think of ourselves as a new breed in the payment infrastructure industry and offer completely brand new payment infrastructures for marketplace. Using our platform, our customers are able to deploy a flexible, multi-channel approach that allows individual vendors to manage their payment terms and channels exactly how they want to. This makes the marketplace suddenly more attractive and provides a much more competitive edge over other similar platforms. What’s more, the customer is given the choice to pay using the payment method of their choice and to use different combinations of payment methods.

Add value with a payment infrastructure for marketplace

A payment infrastructure for marketplace adds significant value to both customers and your business. By allowing customers to pay in the way they want to, you ease and improve their customer experience, give them peace of mind and raise the chances of these customers returning to you time and time again. There are many other benefits that can be experienced by merchants. If you are fed up with seeing so many abandoned carts at checkout, did you ever stop to think that it was because a customer wasn’t able to pay because you didn’t accept their payment method? Limonetik helps to significantly reduce the amount of abandoned carts and ease customers through the checkout process to complete the sale.

Building trust with a payment infrastructure for marketplaces

The Limonetik payment infrastructure for marketplace allows each vendor to customise their payments page to reflect their own corporate branding. The system also allows for a quick and simple checkout procedure and access to customer support staff in the event of a problem or any queries. This helps to build trust and rapport with customers and will do great things for your brand reputation. The system can also help you to create unique offers and promotions including cashback schemes which help to win more customers. In doing so, your checkout page becomes more than just a process, but an exciting and rewarding experience that builds customer loyalty.

Thanks to Limonetik, complex electronic payment flow management is optimised no matter how many payment methods you accept. From online gift cards and credit cards to prepaid cards and instalments, you can choose the methods of payment you wish to offer to your customers. We handle everything on your behalf, helping to streamline the payment process from start to finish. Whether you are just starting out in e-commerce or are looking to completely innovate your payment system, we can help.

Speak to us today about our solutions for payment infrastructure for marketplace and tell us more about the challenges you are facing with your online payment processes. We would be delighted to show you what our platform could do for your business and your customers.


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