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Outsourced payment infrastructure


Outsourced payment infrastructure

Accept payments

Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
payment method

Outsourced payment infrastructure

Reconcile & Collect

Maximize your productivity by reducing the complexity of payment flows management with services such as collecting, reconciliation,
currency exchange & compliance


Enable scalable remittances especially designed for the marketplace business model and boost your business with a complete system which
supports any currency

Choose the best outsourced payment infrastructure

The outsourced payment infrastructure is included among the best solutions for optimizing the management of the processing of the different payment methods used by the online buyers. Limonetik proposes tailored services to the online sellers, online boutique or marketplaces, for everything about innovative payment systems implementation ant management.

Limonetik’s platform is an outsourced payment infrastructure

Limonetik platform is an outsourced payment infrastructure that is specialized in e-payment instruments creation and roll-out with the objective of the payment experience and making easier the entire and streamlining of the whole procedure of purchase. Limonetik’s purpose is to accelerate payment instruments connection in the field of internet selling possibly with the help of the PSP. With Limonetik, complex electronic payment flow management is easier, whatever the means of payment proposed: online gift cards, online holiday vouchers, bank credit card.

Outsourced payment infrastructure for online sells

In the fast moving world of internet retailing, vendors need to be agile. Opportunities arise quickly and for those who are fleet of foot, the rewards can be great. It is all too easy to become bogged down in the technical detail of creating a commercial website but the smart entrepreneur knows that there are tools out there to help him deploy quickly and seize the opportunity. One such approach is to deploy an outsourced payment infrastructure. The Limonetik platform is a modern and innovative system that goes far beyond mere payment processing. It pushes the boundaries of multi-payment technologies and creates value for the customer and additional sales opportunities for the vendor.

A leading player in next generation outsourced payments infrastructures

Limonetik was formed in 2007 when entrepreneur Christophe Bourbier noticed a gap in the online payments market. He was dismayed that he was unable to spend the cash he was given for his internet wedding list online and set about changing that problem. As a modern outsourced payment infrastructure solution, Limonetik is able to replicate the rich variety of offline payment channels, such as vouchers, coupons, gift cards, reward points and mobile payments. These are enabled in addition to more traditional payment channels, such as debit and credit cards. In doing so, Limonetik creates an enhanced checkout page that delivers better sales results.

Expect more from your outsourced payment infrastructure

Limonetik has set a new bar in terms of outsourced payment infrastructure deployment. The multi-channel platform is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution so that it can be deployed rapidly and without fuss. This approach greatly streamlines the deployment of the system and means that almost any vendor can quickly deploy the platform and benefit from its features. The impact on IT resources is extremely low and little expertise is required to deploy and use the platform. What is more, Limonetik takes multi-channel payment as a starting point and goes on to deliver so much more.

Using your outsourced payment infrastructure to build loyalty and sales

The Limonetik outsourced payment infrastructure creates trust in customers by allowing them to use their preferred methods of payment or even a combination of payment types. That trust is built further on the checkout page, where customers are presented with the familiar branding of the vendor and easy access to support staff. The Limonetik solution then turns the checkout page into a sales opportunity by creating and presenting the user with conditional discounts and unique offers. In doing so, the number of abandoned carts is significantly reduced and customer loyalty is created.

Facilitator of cross-channel payment, Limonetik is to help electronic commerce merchants make alternative payment instruments available for their visitors. Limonetik’s specialty is creation and implementation of online means of payment in order to improve the payment experience and smoothen the entire buying journey.. Simplified complex electronic payment flows management becomes feasible with Limonetik, including for several methods of payment : prepaid cards and accounts, online gift cards, e-wallet, online holiday vouchers, online loyalty program. Limonetik reduces time of means of payment connexion on e-commerce sites whenever required by involving their payment service provider. Limonetik offers additional functions such as marketplace bills automation and paperless refunds.