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Reliable online payment processing solution

The choice of the online payment processing management tool to be implemented on your merchant website is crucial. Best solutions offer automation, convenience and safety for all financial transactions made by the customers, irrespective of the means of payment used. You should call Limonetik to benefit one of the best solutions of online payment process management on e-stores and marketplaces.

Limonetik proposes an online payment processing platform

As part of a multichannel payment policy, Limonetik gives all e-commerce merchants the possibility to make alternative payment instruments available for the customers. Limonetik is aimed at accelerating online payment processing on electronic commerce sites if needed by involving their PSP. In addition to payment, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation as well as paperless refunds. Limonetik’s main business is creation and integration of e-means of payment with the objective of the payment experience and the optimization of the entire building of customer loyalty.

Limonetik simplifies the online payment processing

The online payment processing industry has been around for some time but now Limonetik is changing the market. For many years the industry has been focused on just credit and debit cards but Limonetik can do so much more. High Street customers have long been able to pay for their purchases by using a variety of different forms of payment but online customers have not had this luxury. Now, however, Limonetik has solved this problem, creating a system that can process all sorts of different payment types, including vouchers, gift card, mobile payments, ewallets and loyalty or reward points.

An online payment processing system to meet customer expectations

The Limonetik online payment processing platform doesn't just enable different payment types, it also enables different payment processes. Many retail sectors have distinct payment arrangements, such as cash on delivery, instalments or deposits and the Limonetik platform is designed to replicate these. By doing so, it allows the retailer to closely match his customer's expectations and therefore create a more tailored buying experience. The customer is also able to pay by more than one method in one transaction, therefore he can spread the cost and increase his spending power, thus increasing sales.

Using online payment processing to manage customers

The Limonetik approach to online payment processing is not just about managing a payment, it is about managing the customer. This includes addressing the issues that prevent him from making a purchase. Enabling different payment methods and processes is certainly a good start, but Limonetik goes much further. Research shows that two thirds of potential customers choose not to complete their purchases because they find the checkout process too long or difficult. Others simply lose faith in the website. The Limonetik system addresses these concerns in a number of ways, some simple and others more innovative.

A new approach to online payment processing

The Limonetik online payment processing platform offers the customer a simple and fast checkout page where he can see clear contact details for support staff. During the payment process, the system dynamically creates unique pages that are specific to that customer. These can include cashback offers to whet his appetite and loyalty points to reward his purchase. In doing so, Limonetik creates trusting customers who will return to by again and at the same time reduces abandoned cart rates and increase the average value of the shopping cart.

Limonetik, the leading company for e- means of payment

Limonetik is an expert in online payment methods creation and implementation in order to improve payment experience, which increases purchaser’s loyalty. Limonetik aims to quickly implement new payment methods on e-commerce merchants if required by involving the PSP. Effective complex electronic payment management is now possible with Limonetik, generated by a wide array of payment solutions for example online gift cards, electronic wallet, online gift vouchers, prepaid cards and accounts, bank card, as an expert in cross-channel payment, Limonetik allows online retailer’s to meet an increasing demand from ultimate purchasers. Limonetik technology solutions expands to paperless compensation, which means foreign exchange, services account reconciliation, processing, collecting, etc.


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The change is already underway! Local payment methods, marketplaces and platform economies are key payment trends for the 2020s.