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Online payment platform


Online payment platform

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Online payment platform

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Which online payment management platform should you choose?

The best online payment management platform is the one that offers safety for the financial operations, the one that simplifies the taking over of the payments, and the one that is able to deal with multiple and combined payments with several payment methods. Limonetik’s platform is now one the most practical and safe tools for the management of online payment systems.

Online payment: multiple solutions available

The type of online payment system used should depend on the type of the targeted consumers. However, they need to remain secure and simple.

Bank cards are the most used method along with other payment systems such as gift cards, customers’ fidelity point cards, and payment via mobile phone.

Payment methods should be diversified and facilitated if you want to increase your sales conversion rate, have loyal customers, and boost your sales. Customers are very demanding in term of online transactions security. That is why electronic commerce business needs to build trust with its users. However, it is not easy to combine multiple methods of payment for a single purchase. That is the reason why some e-commerce retailers prefer the assistance of a third party online service provider.

Turning to an online payment service provider

Online payment service is an expanding business. Some are more concerned about the security of their transactions while some are interested in international transactions. Each eCommerce company needs therefore to find the online payment platform that best fits its activity.

Various conditions need to be considered when choosing your online payment platform such as:

  • The company’s strategy concerning sales and targeted areas.
  • The proposed products and their prices
  • the targeted customers

Online payment system by bank transfer is the preferred method for providers specialized in offering services to companies since it is very practical when performing professional transactions. Clothing stores and other general commodities shops should, on the other hand, focus on developing other methods of payment. Also, combining all forms of payments as one single system is now possible.

Choosing a multi-channel approach

Most eCommerce retailers offer products and services to private consumers. Therefore, the payment system used needs to be able to manage multi-channel online payments. Limonetik is specialized in online payment services that allow customers to use different kinds of payment methods when purchasing a particular product. That flexibility may generate an increased sales conversion rate since it favors impulse purchase.

Furthermore, the average basket size might also increase due to the fact that consumers now have higher sums available from different payment systems. Furthermore, this online payment platform allows consumers to obtain gift cards and other rewards that they might use later.

Limonetik was created to optimize complex electronic payment flow management, whatever the tools of payment supported : digital wallet, standard credit card, online holiday vouchers, prepaid cards and accounts, online gift cards. Facilitator of cross-channel payment, Limonetik wants e-store make alternative means of payment available for their buyers. Limonetik website is specialized in online payment methods creation and roll-out in order to improve the payment experience and ease the whole promote customer relation. Moreover, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation and dematerialized refunds. Limonetik aims to speed means of payment connexion for internet-based sales companies whenever necessary by involving their payment service provider.