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Online payment methods


Online payment methods

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Online payment methods

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Online payment methods: simplify their management

There are nowadays several online payment methods among which online buyers and sellers can choose the ones that best fit their needs or possibilities. Online vendors who want to optimize their sales better propose a wide range for the customer to find those that they can use and have a good management tool. Limonetik can help them for that.

Limonetik’s online payment methods management

Limonetik accelerates online payment methods connection in the field of e-commerce sometimes in collaboration with the PSP. Limonetik’s specialty is creation and roll-out of online means of payment aimed at improving the payment experience and smoothen the whole to support retention of online buyers. Optimized complex electronic payment flows management becomes possible with Limonetik, whatever the methods of payment proposed including, prepaid cards and accounts, online holiday vouchers, online wallet, online loyalty program, normal credit card.

Innovative online payment methods

For many years now, the way we pay for our purchases had been changing. Cash is now secondary to debit and credit cards and we have also even the introduction of other payment services. We are all now familiar with vouchers and coupons and gift cards and reward points have also become common. More recently, mobile payments and electronic wallets have also become common. Sadly, online payment methods have been slower to evolve and many users are still limited to using just debit and credit cards. Limonetik, however, has the power to change all of that and in doing so transform online commerce.

How increasing online payments methods can boost business

Limonetik was founded after Christophe Bourbier realised that he could not spend the money gathered on his internet wedding list in an online store. This at first seemed ridiculous but soon seemed like a great business opportunity for the keen entrepreneur and the company was born to resolve this issue and create a platform where online payment methods were as numerous as those offline. In doing so, Limonetik has created a powerful and innovative payment platform that both rewards the user and makes it simple for online vendor to implement multiple payment channels.

The Limonetik approach to online payment methods

Limonetik has made it their goal to create a platform to accept a huge variety of online payment methods. These include the same methods that shoppers are used to using on the High Street and by increasing choice the platform can increase customer satisfaction and sales at the same time. When presented with greater choice, users are reassured and have been shown to spend more money on the site. The Limonetik platform also boasts a simple and quick checkout, which helps to minimise abandoned carts.

Adding value to online payment methods

Limonetik doesn't just stop at creating a platform to accept a huge range of online payment methods. Instead, the company uses this as a starting point to build a better payments process that actually increases sales. This is achieved by a sophisticated system, which can actually monitor customer's behaviour on the site and then present them with offers, reward and price reductions as determined by the vendor. In doing so, the customer is rewarded for his business and the checkout page is transformed into a valuable sales tool.

With its platform of cross-channel payment, Limonetik gives the online retailers the opportunity to make alternative means of payment available for their buyers. Limonetik was created so that complex electronic payment flow management is more effective, regardless of the solutions of payment available among which online wallet, online gift cards, online loyalty program, bank credit card, online holiday vouchers. Limonetik’s main business is creation and deployment of online payment instruments aimed at improving the payment experience and smoothen the whole which increases customer loyalty.. The functions of Limonetik platform extend to marketplace bills automation along with dematerialized refunds. Limonetik aims to speed means of payment connexion for internet selling actors whether directly or via the PSP.