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Online payment method: go for Limonetik management tool

Each online payment method has its benefits and drawbacks and online buyers want to be able to use the one that best fit their needs at a specific point in time. This is the reason why they prefer webstores that give them a wide choice and allow them combine multiple means of payment, even for only one purchase. Limonetik has developed a platform dedicated to e-sellers willing to accommodate a wide range of payment methods.

What can Limonetik do for online merchants?

Limonetik’s platform is appropriate for all electronic commerce merchants who have needs in payment instruments creation and deployment in order to improve the payment experience and optimize the whole and simplification of the whole purchasing journey. Limonetik aims to accelerate payment instruments connection in the field of e-commerce whenever required by involving their PSP. On top of payment, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized compensation. Through its platform of multichannel payment, Limonetik gives e-commerce sites the possibility to make alternative online payment methods available for their customers.

Online payment method adapted to all shoppers

For the customer, the right online payment method is the one he wants to pay with. This might be a gift card, coupon, voucher or debit card. He may also wish to pay using his ewallet or mobile payment system or he may want to cash in his reward points. Clearly, it makes sense for the online retailer to accommodate his customer's wishes but he more than likely does not have the technical ability or resources to implement a system that can accept all of these online payments methods. Thankfully, however, Limonetik does and it has already created just such a system.

The Limonetik approach to online payments methods

Limonetik was founded back in 2007 after its founder, entrepreneur Christophe Bourbier, realised that he could not spend online the money he had been given on his internet wedding list. He quickly spotted a gap in the market and the Limonetik system was born. The platform allows almost any online retailer to offer a huge variety of online payment methods to his customers. What is more, he can also allow them to use more than one type of payment to fund a single purchase. In doing so, he builds up trust in his customers and increases his sales.

More flexibility with online payment methods

The Limonetik approach to enabling different online payment methods includes offering flexibility in the payment process. This can involve allowing the customers to pay by instalments or by using a deposit. Many markets have such special payment arrangements and by enabling them on the website the retailer can match these requirements and build a more successful site. Meeting customer demands is key to guidon sales but the Limonetik system can also helps to build a successful online business using other powerful features.

A smarter online payment method

The Internet retailer can spend lots of time effort and money in attracting customers and getting them to the payments page but once there it is a fact that more than two thirds of potential customers abandon their carts without completing a purchase. Limonetik addresses this by building trust with branded checkout pages and contact channels to support staff. It also creates tailored offers to present to the custom during the checkout procedure in order to maintain his interest and encourage him to complete the purchase. The Limonetik online payment method is simple and swift and with loyalty points awarded when the purchase is complete the customer is encouraged to return.

Check out Limonetik full range of services

Limonetik specializes in development and integration of online payment solutions in order to improve payment experience and optimize the whole purchasing journey. Thanks to its cross-channel payment platform, Limonetik helps online vendors to meet emerging client’s needs. Limonetik helps to quickly set up new means of payment for merchant websites possibly together with a PSP. Moreover, Limonetik has a recognized know-how in paperless compensation, as well as processing, collecting, currency conversion, reconciliation of accounts... Limonetik was founded to make complex electronic payment flow management simpler complex electronic payment flow management, whatever the number of payment methods available including online loyalty program, online gift cards, classic credit card, prepaid cards and accounts.


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