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What is an online payment gateway made for?

An online payment gateway is a tool that helps e-sellers in managing all financial transactions made by buyers on their web store. Such solution has to be chosen according to the type of payment methods available on the online store or marketplace. Limonetik’s team will be pleased to assist all merchant website owners implement an efficient and safe tool that can fit all their requirements.

Offering all forms of payments to their customers

Electronic Commerce websites are now able to offer all forms of payments to their customers, requiring them to choose the best method. In that case, a metaserver authorization is required in order to facilitate the online payment procedure. This system only requires users to approve all transactions as one global authorization regardless of the payment method used by the customers such as bank cards, prepaid cards, gift cards…etc

Furthermore, customers’ fidelity programs and combining multiple forms of payment methods into one single system could simplify even more the purchasing procedures.

In that matter, this online payment gateway is intended to improve online companies’ customer service and facilitate transactions by applying established regulations. It will also facilitate financial and budget monitoring due to accounting reports and the use of an integrated metaserver authorization.

Increasing sales conversion rate

Financial transactions security and all forms of online frauds are among the major problems Electronic Commerce companies face. Those issues could be assuaged by using improved and more secure systems which in turn would help increase sales conversion rate and develop customers’ fidelity. Furthermore, it is possible to stimulate the buying of goods through targeted marketing campaigns and easier payment methods.

The Limonetik system meets your needs and expectations

If you are looking for an online payment system that facilitates financial transactions and provides a great customer service, Limonetik is the right platform for you.

Limonetik suits all forms of online payments and features modern marketing strategy that will boost your sales. The users will no longer need to take care of transactions operations because all payment procedures are performed by the online payment gateway provider. Moreover, you can establish customers’ fidelity programs by adopting different and easier methods of payment, rewards systems, and discounts.

Our online payment system is very flexible and could be used in different activities such as Electronic Commerce, tourism, banks, and insurance companies…etc

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Limonetik is a platform dedicated to e- retailer’s vendors who face problems in payment tools creation and integration in order to improve payment experience, which increases client’s loyalty. Limonetik was created to make complex electronic payment flow management easier complex electronic payment flow management, even in case of a broad range of payment methods for example , standard credit card, e- wallet, prepaid cards and accounts, online gift cards. Limonetik technology solutions include tools linked to paperless compensation, as well as processing, collecting, currency conversion, account reconciliation... Limonetik helps to quickly implement new means of payment for e-commerce companies sometimes together with the payment service provider. Thanks to its multi-channel payment platform, Limonetik helps electronic commerce merchants to satisfy an evergrowing demand from ultimate buyers.


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