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What can the online loyalty program do for your business?

Setting up online loyalty program is an efficient way to attract customers and increase your sales. Regular buyers are very fond of this kind of plan that rewards their loyalty. This however requires an efficient management tool. Limonetik has the perfect solution to successfully complete such a project.

Limonetik for keeping your customers

Limonetik’s platform is appropriate for all e-vendors who have problems of means of payment creation and integration aimed at improving the payment experience and facilitates the whole which increases customer loyalty. Limonetik aims to accelerate payment methods connection in the field of internet-based sales sometimes in collaboration with their PSP and to develop efficient online loyalty programs. Limonetik was created so that complex electronic payment flow management is optimized, even for several means of payment including online gift cards, prepaid cards and accounts, e-purse, normal credit card.

How to keep your customers?

Everyone knows that winning an online customer can be a long and complex process. The customer will typically complete a number of searches and visit a number of sites, comparing prices and quality, among other criteria. Having won the customer, however, it can be even harder to keep them, so the online retailer must take a leaf out of the book of the bricks and mortar shops, who are so experienced in customer retention. One of the key methods used by High Street shops is that of the online loyalty program. This is an effective technique but thus far has been difficult to implement online. Thankfully, Limonetik is now able to change all of that.

Using online loyalty programs for customer retention

Until now, implementing an online loyalty program would be beyond the abilities and budget of many online retailers. Implementing such a programme would be technically complex, time consuming and expensive, so it is small wonder that few online merchants have attempted this. The Limonetik platform, however, brings this capability within the reach of almost any online vendor. The platform is offered as an SaaS application, which means that the IT overhead is extremely low and the system can be deployed rapidly and economically.

The benefits of an online loyalty program

Having won a customer, any website faces a fight to keep their business. The Internet has transformed the way people shop and has enabled them to easily compare products and prices and to buy from any number of vendors across the world. This means that building loyalty can be even more challenging than in a bricks and mortar store. One of the best ways to achieve this is to implement an online loyalty program and the Limonetik platform allows this to be easily achieved.

How Limonetik implements online loyalty programs

The Limonetik system enriches the user experience by enabling multiple payment methods in a quick and easy to use checkout process. The user can select from one or even a combination of these and complete their purchase in the way that is most suitable to them. When they are checking out, the vendor has the option of presenting them with offers and cost reductions depending on the way they have behaved on the site. Another possibility is to reward the visitor with an online loyalty program. This has an excellent effect in encouraging their return and ensuring a single purchase becomes a regular customer.

The fintech Limonetik

Limonetik is a platform dedicated to merchant websites who face problems in payment methods development and integration in order to offer the optimum payment experience, increasing client’s engagement. Our company’s headquarters is based in the heart of Paris. Since 2015, we have been awarded the "Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce" label by the US analyst firm Gartner, giving customers a guarantee of our quality of our services. In addition to payment, Limonetik has a strong experience in financial flows reporting, which covers account reconciliation, processing, collecting, foreign exchange services, etc. Being a specialist in multichannel payment, Limonetik assists diversifying the means of payment offered to ultimate purchasers. Simplified complex electronic payment management has become a reality by Limonetik, irrespective of the number of payment methods suggested including bank card, online gift cards, online loyalty program, prepaid cards and accounts. Limonetik helps to quickly implement new payment solutions on e- retailer’s vendors possibly in collaboration with a PSP.


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