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Implement a one-stop shopping payment solution with Limonetik

A one-stop shopping payment solution becomes unavoidable for an online selling activity. It contributes to an optimized purchasing journey for purchasers and helps vendors increase their sales and retain their customers. Limonetik’s team assists e-sellers in choosing and implementing the solution that can best fit their requirements and their buyers’ needs.

Solutions proposed by Limonetik

Limonetik platform is specialized in online payment instruments creation and roll-out aimed at improving the payment experience and optimize the whole promote customer relation. Limonetik was created so that complex electronic payment flow management is easier, even for several tools of payment including online gift cards, bank credit card. Limonetik accelerates payment methods connection for e-commerce directly or via their payment service provider and proposes one stop shopping payment solution.

Limonetik, efficient online shopping payment solution

Founded in 2007, Limonetik has rapidly grown to become a true one stop shopping payment solution. The platform has been successful in replicating the sort of payment options that are common to the offline shopper. The platform thus allows the customer to select from a variety of payment types, such as vouchers, gift cards, reward points, mobile payments and coupons, as well as the usual debit and credit cards. In doing so, the system allows the customer to use exactly the type of payment that they prefer, which boosts confidence and allows the customer to spend in the way they want to, thus maximising his spending power and increasing sales.

A leader in one stop shopping payments solutions

Limonetik has created an elegant and sleek solution that effortlessly enables a huge variety of payments and positions the company as a leader in one stop shopping payments solutions. All of the integration work and back office development has been completed, allowing the online vendor to implement the solution quickly and with the minimum of effort. As a SaaS solution, the Limonetik platform requires very little in terms of resources to be enabled. This simplicity of use is mirrored at the user interface and visitors to the website are able to quickly and easily complete their purchases.

Enabling online commerce with a one stop shopping payment solution

The Internet has enabled even small niche players to access a huge international market. Key to success, however, is having a payments system that is both simple to implement and intuitive for the visitor to use. Limonetik's solution is successful on both counts, creating a platform that is agile and capable of rapid deployment, while at the same time offering the end user a rich and rewarding experience. This is achieved by incorporating the same payment methods that the customer is familiar with using on the High Street and then building a high quality checkout system with a host of innovative features.

Leveraging a one stop shopping payment solution

Limonetik takes the creation of a one stop shopping payment solution as a starting point and then uses this platform to create a rewarding and compelling payment experience. The system creates a branded and sleek checkout process but complements this by allowing the vendor to create conditional offers dependent on the visitor's onsite behaviour. The customer can also be offered rewards points and can use a combination of payment types to complete their purchase. In doing so, Limonetik transforms the checkout process into a sales opportunity.

Focus on Limonetik offer

Limonetik is a platform dedicated to electronic commerce merchants who have problems in means of payment creation and integration in order to give the optimum payment experience and ease the entire customer path. Moreover, Limonetik has demonstrated expert knowledge in paperless compensation, among which processing, collecting, foreign currency conversion, reconciliation of accounts, etc. as part of a cross-channel payment strategy, Limonetik helps diversifying the payment solutions offered to end-client’s. Limonetik helps to quickly implement new means of payment within the field of online sales, possibly with the support of the PSP. With Limonetik, complex electronic payment flows management becomes easier, regardless of the number of means of payment accepted: online loyalty program, coupons, prepaid cards and accounts, bank card, online gift cards.


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