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What is omni-channel customer journey?

An increasing number of online sellers set up omni-channel customer journey to meet buyers’ requirements and increase their sales. Offering a wide range of means of payment contributes to an optimized purchasing process and customer experience. This allows simpler, faster and secure transactions that benefit both buyers and vendors. You can call for Limonetik to implement such system for your online store or marketplace.

Limonetik for simplifying online payments

Limonetik accelerates means of payment connection for online selling professionals sometimes in collaboration with the payment service provider. Limonetik was designed so that complex electronic payment flow management is easier, including for many means of payment, only to mention, prepaid cards and accounts, bank credit card. Limonetik’s platform is intended for all e-vendors who are interested in payment instruments creation and integration with the aim of the payment experience and facilitate the whole and streamlining of the whole process of purchase in order to offer an efficient omni-channel customer journey to customers.

Omni-channel customer journey, dedicated to online shoppers

It wasn't so very long ago that most of us would pay cash for our everyday purchases. Now, however, things are changing rapidly. Just recently, it was announced in the UK that card purchases had overtaken cash purchases on the High Street. This is just one of the changes that has seen the rise of a huge range of new types of payment, which has created an omni-channel customer journey towards the checkout. It is precisely this sort of experience that Limonetik was founded to replicate for the online shopper.

Creating an online omni-channel customer journey

Consumers are now used to, and expect, a whole range of payment options. These can include the usual credit and debit cards but also reward points, vouchers, gift cards and mobile payments. Sadly, this has not thus far been possible for online customers. Limonetik was started when one of the founders realised that he could not spend the money raised on his online wedding list at online stores. He vowed to solve this dilemma and formed the company to create a true omni-channel customer journey for Internet shoppers.

The components of a true omni-channel customer journey

Limonetik has created a platform that accepts a multitude of payment types and has completed all of the hard work so that vendors can deploy the solution easily and rapidly. The technical architecture is sophisticated and complex but the true value of the system lies in the delivery of a higher quality of omni-channel customer journey. Arriving at the payments page, the customer is first greeted by the familiar branding of the online retailer. They then enjoy a simple and quick checkout procedure but it is here that the true value is added.

The benefits of an omni-channel customer journey

With the Limonetik platform, the omni-channel customer journey begins with a wide selection of payment types. The customer an then select the one they prefer and an even use a combination of payment types. The vendor can then reward the customer with loyalty points or can offer instant offers unique to that visitor. This transforms the payment process from a chore into a rewarding experience and it is this factor that tackles the problem of abandoned carts and turns uncertain prospects into loyal and returning customers.

Have a look at Limonetik offer

Limonetik is an expert in e- means of payment development and deployment in order to improve payment experience and facilitate the whole customer journey. Limonetik significantly shortens integration time of means of payment for internet-based selling players whether directly or via payment service provider. Limonetik was founded to ensure more effective management of complex electronic payment flow management, earned from a wide variety of payment solutions for example coupons, prepaid cards and accounts, bank card, online holiday vouchers, online loyalty program, online gift cards, as an expert in cross-channel payment, Limonetik assists diversifying the means of payment offered to ultimate buyers. Moreover, Limonetik has demonstrated expert knowledge in marketplace automated billing, which means account reconciliation, processing, collecting, foreign currency translation...


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