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Multi-channel payment: Limonetik at your service

Online sellers can take advantage of multi-channel payment to increase their sales. Making several payment methods available to customers helps to win and retain customers. Limonetik assists online store and marketplaces owners during the implementation of the multichannel payment system that fit their needs.

Limonetik and online payments

Limonetik shortens time of multi-channel payment connection in the field of online sale sometimes with the support of the payment service provider. Optimized complex electronic payment flows management becomes possible with Limonetik, regardless of the tools of payment supported, only to mention, prepaid cards and accounts, e- wallet, normal credit card. Limonetik’s platform is dedicated to all e-vendors who are interested in payment instruments creation and roll-out aimed at improving the payment experience and easing the whole purchase.

Multi-channel payment, for draining buyers on your site

Many internet retailers try really hard to bring customers to their site. They often pay for expensive AdWords campaigns and SEO experts to optimize their site in an effort to appear further up the search results pages. On the site they will use certain keywords and create content that they hope will attract their customers. When it comes to payment systems, however, very few online retailers give this area the attrition deserves. Instead, they simply deploy a credit and debit card payment facility. Some smart retailers, however, are beginning to realise the benefits of a multi-channel payments system.

Winning customers with a multi-channel payment platform

The Limonetik multi-channel payment system enables online retailers to increase their sales by allowing customers to pay in the way that best suits them. This could include cashing in reward points or using vouchers or gift cards. The customer is even able to pay using more than one payment type in a single purchase, for example topping up a gift card with their own funds from their debit card. The retailer is also able to allow different payment processes, such as instalments, deposits or cash on delivery arrangements. By helping the customer to spend in the way that best suits them, sales are increased.

A new standard in multi-channel payment systems

Limonetik has completely transformed the world of online payment systems with a platform that actually increases sales. The Limonetik multi-channel payments system not only enables a huge variety of payment types, it also addresses the issue of abandoned carts, which currently runs at about 68%. It does this by building the customer's trust, using branded payment pages with prominent access to support staff. Then it uses the dynamically generated payment page to present the customer with tailored offers specific to his preferences.

Using multi-channel payment systems to build loyalty

At the checkout, the online retailer can then choose to reward his customer with loyalty points. This then encourages that customer to return and spend again on a site where they feel valued and comfortable and where they can spend their cash in almost any form that they have it in. In this way, the Limonetik multi-channel payment platform takes a new customer, builds trust, rewards him and then turns him into a loyal repeat customer. With larger average shopping cart values and fewer abandoned carts, the retailer is able to build his business.

Zoom on Limonetik offer

Limonetik website is specializing in online means of payment development and deployment in order to deliver the optimum payment experience, which increases customers satisfaction. Thanks to Limonetik, complex electronic payment flows management is now easier, even if a wide variety of payment methods is supported for example electronic wallet, standard credit card, online gift cards, prepaid cards and accounts. Furthermore, Limonetik has a proven know-how in marketplace automatic invoicing, which means account reconciliation, foreign currency translation processing, collecting... Limonetik’s mission is to accelerate the integration of payment solutions necessary for online sales, whether directly or through PSP. Thanks to its cross-channel payment platform, Limonetik helps e- commerce merchants to respond to an evergrowing demand from end-client’s.


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