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Multi-channel global payment solutions provider


Multi-channel global payment solutions provider

Accept payments

Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
payment method

Multi-channel global payment solutions provider

Reconcile & Collect

Maximize your productivity by reducing the complexity of payment flows management with services such as collecting, reconciliation,
currency exchange & compliance


Enable scalable remittances especially designed for the marketplace business model and boost your business with a complete system which
supports any currency

Multi-channel global payment solutions provider: what is this?

A multi-channel global payment solutions provider is a service provider which is specialized in dematerialized payment methods implementation and management. Limonetik is one of the best choices you can make if you want to provide the customers on your vendor website several means to simplify the payments of the purchases they make with several systems.

What Limonetik proposes

A multi-channel global payment solutions provider, accelerates payment methods connection for online store directly or derivatively through the payment service provider. Limonetik’s core activity is creation and implementation of online means of payment aimed at improving the payment experience and the optimization of the whole increase customer loyalty. Through its platform of multichannel payment, Limonetik is willing to allow merchant site to deploy alternative means of payment to internet surfers.

Limonetik, a multi-channel global payment solutions provider

Limonetik is a multi-channel global payment solutions provider with an innovative platform that offers real value both to online customers and to online merchants taking payments. The company has built one of the most complete and comprehensive platforms to accept a raft of modern payment options. These include physical vouchers and gift cards, loyalty points, mobile payments and coupons, in addition to the standard credit and debit card offering. In creating such a rich choice in payment options, Limonetik delights customers and helps retailers to build up a loyal customer base.

One of the leading multi-channel global payments solutions providers

Since being founded in 2007, Limonetik has rapidly grown to become one of the leading multi-channel global payment solutions providers. It has achieved this by spotting a gap in the market for an online system that is capable of accepting the plethora of innovative payment options that are now available to offline shoppers. This allows those vendors who deploy the Limonetik solution to match their payment offerings to local demand and accommodate the preferences of a much wider population of users. In turn, this increases customer satisfaction and builds sales by allowing customers to pay in the way that is most convenient to them.

Customer management from a multi-channel global payment solutions provider

Bringing an online visitor to the point of payment is no mean feat. It may be the result of an extensive marketing campaign, with sophisticated AdWords strategies and perfectly honed landing pages. It is vital, then, that when the customer appears on the payments page, he completes his order. Sadly, research tells us that more than 67% of visitors abandon their cart before payment. As a multi-channel global payment solutions provider, Limonetik has made it the business of the company to address these issues.

Adding value as a multi-channel global payments solutions provider

Limonetik goes further than just being a leading multi-channel global payment solutions provider and actually adds value to the payment journey. The customer is first presented with a payments page that reflects the brand of the vendor and then enjoys a simple and rapid checkout procedure. During this process he has access to clear channels of communication which can connect him to support staff should he have any queries. The platform also allows the customer to be presented with conditional offers, depending on his buying behaviour. Thus the payments page is turned into a selling opportunity that builds up customer loyalty.

Limonetik was designed so that complex electronic payment flow management is easier, even when the means of payment accepted are multiple, only to mention prepaid cards and accounts, online wallet, online loyalty program, online gift cards, bank credit card. Limonetik’s platform is intended for all e-store who are interested in payment methods creation and deployment in order to improve the payment experience and ease the whole and contribute to the retention of your customers. As part of a cross-channel payment policy, Limonetik allows e-vendors to offers alternative payment methods to visitors. The functions of Limonetik solutions include marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized compensation. Limonetik aims to speed payment instruments connexion for all e-vendors if needed by involving the payment service provider.