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Money2020 for discovering the innovative payment methods

Money2020 is a European event which main theme is the evolution of payment methods, payments channels and payment technologies. As it was a major actor in these domains, Limonetik is also present at this event to make people know more about the solution and services it proposes to the online sellers and buyers.

What is Limonetik designed for?

Limonetik was designed to optimize complex electronic payment flow management, regardless of the tools of payment available, only to mention, online holiday vouchers, e- purse, bank credit card. Limonetik is aimed at accelerating payment methods connexion in the field of internet-based sales if required by involving their payment service provider. Limonetik’s platform is appropriate for all e-store that have problems of means of payment creation and roll-out with the aim of the payment experience and simplify the entire purchase.

Limonetik at Money2020

Money2020 is the premier event for those involved in payments and financial services innovation. Limonetik attended in 2014 and will be doing so avian in October 2015 when the event returns to Las Vegas. This time Limonetik is building its revenue as a two star sponsor and exhibitor. It is no wonder that Limonetik has such a prominent position at this key show. The company is a true innovator in the online payments space and its fresh approach is something that is long overdue. In enabling multiple payment channels, the company is freeing up the world of online commerce and enabling the industry to be far more responsive to customer preferences.

Money2020 in Europe

Money2020 has announced that there is to be a dedicated Money2020 Europe show to address the specific demands of the European industry. The event will take place from April 4 to 7 in Copenhagen and will give European companies involved in Fintech the chance to show off their wares. One of the fascinating things about online commerce is the way that different countries and regions have different preferences when it comes to payment methods. That can make it difficult for the online retailer to meet local expectations and he faces a choice between disappointing customers on spending heavily on the integration required to enable many different payment channels.

What attendees at Money2020 will see from Limonetik

At least, this used to be the case but Limonetik has changed all of that. The Limonetik platform allows for the seamless enabling of a multichannel online payments facility. This incorporates a huge variety of payment channels not normally enabled for online commerce. The Money2020 visitors will see how Limonetik allows for the use of payments like reward and loyalty points, vouchers, coupons, mobile payments and more. In doing so, Limonetik is creating an enriching payments experience that benefits both retailer and customer.

More previews from Money2020

At Money2020, Limonetik will also be demonstrating how use of the platform will help companies to slash their abandoned cart rate and build up real loyalty in their customer base. This is achieved by transforming the payments page into a positive sales opportunity, presenting clients with conditional offers and reassuring them with a tailored and brand age and easy access to support staff. Customers can also use the payment method, or even combination of payment methods, that they prefer, which greatly increase the likelihood of s completed sale and the creation of a. Loyal customer.

Thanks to its platform of cross-channel payment, Limonetik is willing to allow e-vendors to provides alternative means of payment to visitors. Limonetik platform is specialized in e-payment instruments creation and integration with the aim of the payment experience and facilitate the whole purchase. Simplified complex electronic payment flows management is possible with Limonetik, even if the tools of payment available are multiple for example online loyalty program, standard credit card, online gift cards, digital purse, prepaid cards and accounts. Limonetik shortens time of means of payment connexion for internet-based sales actors whether directly or via their PSP. The features of Limonetik technology comprise marketplace bills automation and dematerialized refunds.