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Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
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Alternative online payments management tool

Limonetik online payment management platform has been specifically designed in order to fit all vendor websites needs and in order to meet customers’. It can then take over combined and multiple payments even for a single purchase as it is able to manage all types of dematerialized payments that are used online.

What does Limonetik do?

Through its platform of multichannel payment, Limonetik gives the online store the possibility to diversify their portfolios with the alternative means of payment required by visitors. Limonetik aims to speed means of payment connection for sale website possibly with the support of their payment service provider. Moreover, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized compensation. Limonetik platform is specialized in online payment instruments creation and implementation with the objective of the payment experience and smoothen the entire increase customer loyalty.

About Limonetik

Limonetik was founded in 2007 by Christophe Bourbier and a group of likeminded French entrepreneurs. Christophe saw a market opportunity after becoming frustrated that he could not spend the money accrued in his internet wedding list online. It seemed silly that there was such a proliferation of payments methods starting to appear but no opportunity to use them online. Limonetik was then formed to address this deficiency. The Limonetik platform has therefore been designed to offer online retailers a simple method of incorporating a whole host of payment types on their website, while customers benefit from using the payment methods do that they are most comfortable with.

Using Limonetik to enhance the payment page

Most internet entrepreneurs are familiar with statistics that tell us that something like 68% of online shoppers abandon their cart without completing a purchase. Clearly this represents a huge lost opportunity and waste of resources. The website has already gone to great lengths to attract potential customers, perhaps spending significant sums on an online marketing campaign and building up a significant social networking presence. The website has been designed properly and optimised for SEO purposes and the visitor has selected their chosen purchase

Why Limonetik reduces abandoned cart rates

Having completed all of this work, it is a great disappointment that more than two thirds of visitors abandon their shopping carts. Much work has gone into finding out why this is the case and it seems that there are a number of reasons behind this phenomenon. The first is simply time. If the checkout procedure is too long, then visitors simply lose interest and abandon their carts. The next reason is one of complexity. If the form is confusing, then visitors simply leave. The next reason is one of trust and this is an area where using Limonetik can really make a difference.

The Limonetik checkout page

Limonetik creates a simple and fast checkout page. What is more, the page can be tailored to precisely match the appropriate branding requirements, reassuring the visitor that they are in the right place. The platform then builds on this trust, offering the visitor rapid access to support staff to address any queries or programs they may have. The platform also boosts conversion by allowing the visitor to use the payment option, or combination of payment options, which they prefer. Limonetik even takes the visitor experience to new levels by offering on the spot cash back offers and loyalty points schemes.

Limonetik’s specialty is creation and integration of e-means of payment aimed at improving the payment experience and optimize the entire increase customer loyalty. Facilitator of cross-channel payment, Limonetik gives sale website the possibility to put alternative payment instruments at the customers disposal. Limonetik was designed so that complex electronic payment flow management is easier, even for many solutions of payment : online holiday vouchers, prepaid cards and accounts, standard credit card, online gift cards, online loyalty program. Limonetik accelerates means of payment connexion on merchant site sometimes in collaboration with their payment service provider. The functions of Limonetik technology extend to marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized compensation.