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Internet payment methods


Internet payment methods

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Internet payment methods

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Internet payment methods: choose the right management tool

Internet payment methods have simplified the online financial transactions for online purchases during the last decades. Benefiting from the advantages they offer though implies choosing the best that will fit your needs and met the buyers’; but also choosing the right management tool. Limonetik can help you to do so.

Limonetik, an internet payment methods tool

Limonetik’s platform is intended for all merchant sites who have problems of means of payment creation and integration aimed at improving the payment experience and ease the entire promote customer relation. Optimized complex electronic payment flows management becomes feasible with Limonetik, even when the internet payment methods proposed are numerous for example online gift cards, online holiday vouchers, digital purse, and bank’s credit card. Limonetik shortens time of payment instruments connection for online selling professionals when necessary by involving the PSP. Limonetik includes innovative services like marketplace bills automation along with dematerialized refunds.

Innovating internet payment methods with Limonetik

The world of offline payments has been growing rapidly but internet payment methods have been a little slower to catch up. While offline shoppers have been enjoying paying with vouchers, gift cards, loyalty points and ewallets, online shoppers have been almost entirely limited to using their credit and debit cards. Clearly, the technical challenges involved in enabling multi-channel payments have been too great for many of these retailers. Now, however, Limonetik has moved to solve the problem with an innovative and elegant multi-channel payments platform

Increasing internet payment methods

With the Limonetik platform, online retailers are able to greatly increase the number of internet payment methods they are able to accept. This can include the likes of pre-paid gift cards, vouchers, coupons and mobile payments. In doing so, the retailer can boost his sales by making it easier for his customers to pay. The benefits to the customer do not stop there, however, as he is also able to pay for his purchase using a combination of different payment types. For example, he may choose to use his loyalty points but top them up with funds from a credit card to boost his buying power.

More variety in internet payments methods

Allowing the customer to pay for his purchases using the method or combination of methods that best suits him is an obvious way to increase sales but the Limonetik platform goes even further in its efforts to maximize internet payment methods and channels. This includes giving the customer the ability to pay in installments and use other channels such as deposits and cash on delivery arrangements. This again accommodates the customer and provides the retailer with a distinct competitive advantage over other websites that only offer standard payment channels.

Going beyond internet payment methods

The Limonetik platform is obviously impressive when it comes to accepting a wide variety of internet payment methods and enabling different processes but it is also capable of increasing sales in other ways. For example, the payment page is dynamically generated and allows the user to be presented with tailored offers that have been generated according to his activity on the website. At the checkout he can also be rewarded with loyalty points in order to encourage him to return. In those ways the issue of abandoned shopping carts is minimised and a loyal customer base is created.

Limonetik platform is a specialist of online payment methods creation and implementation with the objective of the payment experience and smoothen the whole increase customer loyalty. Limonetik was developed so that complex electronic payment flow management is optimized, whatever the solutions of payment supported among which normal credit card, online gift cards, e-wallet, online holiday vouchers, online loyalty program. As part of a multichannel paying policy, Limonetik is willing to allow merchant site to put alternative payment methods at their customers disposal. Limonetik’s aim is to accelerate means of payment connexion for internet-based sales players if needed by involving the payment service provider. Limonetik offers additional services such as marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized compensation.