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International payment gateway


International payment gateway

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Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
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International payment gateway

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International payment gateway: opt for Limonetik’s

An international payment gateway will be very useful for the management of the financial transaction made by foreign customers on your vendor website. Limonetik proposes a reliable and safe solution that can take over multiple and numerous operations at one time and even combined method that are used for a single purchase.

Limonetik, for international payment management

Effective complex electronic payment flows management is feasible with Limonetik, even for many solutions of payment including prepaid cards and accounts, online holiday vouchers, online loyalty program, bank credit card. As an international payment gateway, Limonetik’s platform is dedicated to all sale website that are interested in payment instruments creation and roll-out with the aim of the payment experience and facilitate the entire and streamlining of the entire procedure of purchase. Limonetik aims to speed means of payment connection on sale website directly or via their payment service provider. The functions of Limonetik technology extend to marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized refunds.

International payment gateway for online businesses

The rise of online commerce has changed the way that the world does business. One of the fundamental changes has been the opening up of international markets, so that a website owner in France may easily sell to customers on the other side of the world. This creates huge opportunities for the online retailer but it also brings many challenges. For example, the type of payment that is preferred in one country, may not be the same in another. This requires an international payment gateway that can respond to these challenges and deliver a truly international service. The Limonetik platform is one of the international payments gateways to meet these challenges head on.

A multi-channel international payment gateway

One of the key objectives of any international payment gateway is to enable the processing of transactions in the form that is preferred in the locality of the customer. This will not only help to build trust in that customer but by accommodating his preferred payment options it also increases his spending power and hence increases sales. Increasing payment options includes accepting different types of payment, such as vouchers and gift-cards as well as credit and debit cards. It also allows for the introduction of loyalty point schemes and the use of modern innovations, such as e-wallets and mobile payments apps.

An international payment gateway that works the way you do

As well as accepting different forms of payment, the Limonetik approach to its international payment gateway means that customers can also expect even more flexibility. This extends to allowing the customer to use more than one type of payment for a single sale, for example topping up his loyalty points from his debit card. Limonetik also understands that certain areas have particular payment processes and it has therefore enabled deposit and installment payments. The system therefore fits in with existing business practices.

A dynamic international payment gateway

As one of the most innovative international payments gateways, the Limonetik platform uses sophisticated technology to create dynamic payment pages. These not only have the look and feel of the vendor and clear access to support staff, they are also able to generate offers that are specific to the individual customer. These can include cashback deals on certain preferred items or the allocation or reward points. In doing so, Limonetik combats the issues of abandoned carts and increases the average value of transactions on the site.

Limonetik platform is a specialist of online payment methods creation and implementation with the objective of the payment experience and smoothen the whole increase customer loyalty. Limonetik was developed so that complex electronic payment flow management is optimized, whatever the solutions of payment supported among which normal credit card, online gift cards, e-wallet, online holiday vouchers, online loyalty program. As part of a multichannel paying policy, Limonetik is willing to allow merchant site to put alternative payment methods at their customers disposal. Limonetik’s aim is to accelerate means of payment connexion for internet-based sales players if needed by involving the payment service provider. Limonetik offers additional services such as marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized compensation.