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International payment methods deployment: rely on an expert

International payment methods deployment can help you streamline international financial transactions on your merchant website. Limonetik assists online stores and marketplaces to choose the solutions that can best fit their own requirements and meet their customers’ needs. You can rely on its team to help you achieve such a project.

Limonetik and international payment management

Limonetik’s main business is creation and integration of dematerialized payment methods as well as international payment deployment in order to improve the payment experience and optimize the whole and support retention of online buyers. Limonetik’s aim is to speed means of payment connection for all e-store if required by involving their PSP. On top of payment, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation along with dematerialized compensation. Facilitator of multichannel payment, Limonetik is willing to allow sale website to expand their portfolios with the alternative payment methods asked by clients.

International payment deployment for online sellers

The internet has created a single, international market regardless of border constraints. Even a small online retailer can now access a global customer base. In theory, at least, the only restrictions on trader are connecting with customers and shipping physical goods. Behinds this simplicity, however, lies a complex layer of enabling technologies all working together to expedite online trading. A major component of any online retail strategy is international payment deployment. Such systems open up the true power of the internet by enabling global trading.

A new approach in international payment deployment

Limonetik understands the requirement for robust international payments deployments but the platform goes so much further than that. The system will enable the taking of international payments but will also open up the vendor to accepting many different forms of payment. This is especially important when addressing an international market, where local preferences in payment types can be quite pronounced. The Limonetik platform will also allow you to customise the payments page, not just with your own brand identity but also with the sort of prominence given to particular payment types that reflects the importance of each channel.

Building on international payment deployment

The Limonetik platform allows you to the advantage of the explosion of available payment types, bringing them together onto your payments page and using them to gain a competitive advantage. By selecting the payment methods most appropriate to clients in specific countries, you can reassure them and boost confidence, at the same time boosting sales. Your international payment deployment platform will also reflect your own brand identity and hence, again, reassure clients that they are in the right place.

Using Limonetik's international payment deployment to build sales

The Limonetik solution for international payment deployment takes care of all the integration and back office complexity, allowing you to concentrate on building up your online business. Online traders, retailers and marketplaces can suddenly allow visitors to use the types of payment, in local currency, that they are most comfortable with. This includes vouchers, gift cards, loyalty points, electronic wallets and mobile payment systems as well as the usual credit and debit cards. The Limonetik platform also allows the payment page to become a selling tool, offering targeted discounts, loyalty points and cashback schemes to key customers in order to build loyalty, reduce abandoned carts and improve the overall buying experience.

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Limonetik is an expert in dematerialized means of payment development and implementation in order to improve payment experience and help to achieve a smoother buying journey. Being a specialist in multichannel payment, Limonetik allows online retailer’s to respond to an evergrowing demand from end-buyers. Limonetik delivers innovative functions such as marketplace automated billing as well as processing, collecting, foreign exchange, services account reconciliation... With Limonetik, dealing with complex electronic payment flows becomes simpler, regardless of the number of payment solutions supported: coupons, prepaid cards and accounts, online loyalty program, bank card, online gift cards. Limonetik greatly limits set-up time of means of payment for e-commerce players whether directly or through payment service provider.


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