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E-commerce payment


E-commerce payment

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Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
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E-commerce payment

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E-commerce payment, opt for Limonetik’s solutions

Several e-commerce payment methods are now proposed by online merchants in order to give the customers the possibility of choosing the bests that can fit their needs. For a better management of these solutions, Limonetik proposes an efficient platform that can manage the combination of multiple payments with different methods.

Limonetik, for innovative e-commerce payment solutions

Facilitator of cross-channel payment, Limonetik e-commerce payment system’s aim is to help e-vendors expand their portfolios with the alternative payment methods claimed by customers. Limonetik shortens time of payment instruments connection for e-commerce actors when necessary with the support of their payment service provider. Limonetik’s platform is dedicated to all sale website who are interested in means of payment creation and integration in order to improve the payment experience and simplify the whole customer relation.

Innovative e-commerce payment methods

Many of us will be aware of the growing number of payment types available on the High Street. Lots of retailers will offer loyalty point schemes and pre-paid gift cards, as well as accepting coupons and vouchers. Recently they have also begun to accept mobile payments and e-wallet payments. On the other hand, e-commerce payment systems have tended to remain focused on just debit and credit cards. This is no doubt due to the difficulty vendors have in dealing with the complexity of deploying and integrating such systems. Now, though, Limonetik has been able to solve this problem with an innovative new platform.

A next generation e-commerce payments system from Limonetik

Limonetik has transformed the landscape in the e-commerce payment industry with their new platform. The system addresses the difficulties of implementing multi-channel payments by offering a SaaS solution that can be implemented in as little as six weeks. Limonetik has carried out all of the necessary back office technical work and this allows vendors to concentrate on developing their business, rather than struggling with the complexities of integration and deployment. In doing so, these vendors can access a system that delivers real business value.

The value of accepting e-commerce payment using many channels

Any truly valuable e-commerce payment system must reflect the changes that have taken place in the way that people expect to be able to pay for their purchases. These can include the use of pre-paid gift cards, vouchers, loyalty points schemes, mobile payments and e-wallets, in addition to the usual credit and debit cards. In accepting such payments, the online retailer is matching his website to the preferences of his customers and can therefore build loyalty and sales. The customer, meanwhile, is able to use funds wherever he has them, thus maximising his spending power.

An e-commerce payment system that increases sales

The industry is well aware that more than two thirds of online transactions are abandoned before completion. This means that any e-commerce payment system worth its salt will have to address this issue. Limonetik achieves this by creating dynamic payment pages, which present the user with relevant offers based on his activity on the website. The vendor can also use this opportunity to reward his customers with loyalty points, thus encouraging them to return and become repeat customers. With a simple and rapid checkout process and easy access to support staff, the value and number of completed baskets is maximized.