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E-commerce payment systems


E-commerce payment systems

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E-commerce payment systems

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E-commerce payment systems: opt for Limonetik

The e-commerce payment systems that can be proposed to the online buyers are now very varied. Using several of them can be very useful as long as you know how to manage. Limonetik’s platform offers the possibility of taking over multiple and combined payment methods, even for a single purchase.

What does Limonetik do?

Limonetik’s specialty is creation and roll-out of e-commerce payment systems.and alternative payments methods aimed at improving the payment experience and facilitate the whole purchasing process. Limonetik was designed to optimize complex electronic payment flow management, whatever the means of payment accepted: online gift cards, online holiday vouchers, electronic wallet, online loyalty program, bank credit card. Limonetik’s aim is to accelerate means of payment connexion for online selling companies if needed by involving their PSP.

E-commerce payment systems have evolved

The internet is a rapidly evolving means that has enabled all sorts of new business models, while transforming the way we live. Online shopping has rapidly gone from a niche activity to something that almost all of us do, from ordering groceries to booking flights and choosing gifts. For such a fast-moving marketplace, it is slightly odd that the internet has been slow to adopt the types of alternative payments methods that we see on the High Street, but all of that is about to change now that Limonetik has developed system to allow a huge variety of e-commerce payment systems..

Enabling business by enabling e-commerce payment systems

The Limonetik platform brings a number of e-commerce payment systems to the vendor. These include the now traditional credit and debit cards but also pre-paid gift cards, vouchers and loyalty points. The customer is able to pay the way that suits him best and is therefore able to spend more on the site. He is also able to use a combination of different payment types. For example, he may choose to spend using a gift card he has received but top it up with money from his debit card in order to buy a more expensive item. The system is also able to accept multiple payments, such as deposits and installments.

Building on e-commerce payment systems

The availability of e-commerce payment systems and profiles certainly helps to boost customer trust and build sales but the Limonetik platform does not stop there. Instead, it uses the checkout process to further increase sales opportunities. Here, the system creates branded pages to reassure the shopper and then presents him with unique offers based on his activity on the site and account history. These can be in the form of cash back offers, discounts and loyalty points schemes.

The ease of implementing e-commerce payment systems with Limonetik

Clearly, many vendors and payment service providers would love to offer a wide range of e-commerce payment systems but the investment in developing such a system could be too onerous for many merchants. Thankfully, however, Limonetik has already done all of the hard work and now offers its innovative multi-channel payment platform to clients in a Software as a Service offering that allows clients to deploy a fully operational multi-channel payment system in just six weeks. In doing so, Limonetik has ensured that the widest possible range of vendors and customers can benefit from the system.

As part of a cross-channel paying policy, Limonetik wants to allow e-vendors to expand their portfolios with the alternative payment methods asked by visitors. Limonetik’s main business is creation and integration of dematerialized means of payment in order to improve the payment experience and facilitate the whole promote customer relation. Limonetik was developed to optimize complex electronic payment flow management, regardless of the means of payment proposed, only to mention online gift cards, online loyalty program, digital purse, prepaid cards and accounts, online holiday vouchers. Limonetik aims to speed means of payment connexion for e-commerce actors when required by involving their payment service provider. The features of Limonetik platform include marketplace bills automation as well as dematerialized compensation.