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E-commerce payment systems: opt for Limonetik

There are many varied e-commerce payment systems in use today. Using a wide range of them can be extremely useful, but you must have the right platform in place for them to be effective. Limonetik’s platform offers the possibility for businesses to use multiple and combined payment methods, even for a single purchase.

What does Limonetik do?

Our specialty is in the creation and roll-out of e-commerce payment systems and alternative payment methods aimed at improving the entire purchasing process including the payment and customer experience. Our services are designed to optimize complex electronic payment flow management, no matter what method of payment is accepted. This includes bank credit cards, third-party payment solutions, online gift cards, online holiday vouchers, electronic wallet and online loyalty programs. Limonetik’s aim is to speed up payment connections for online selling companies if required by getting their PSP involved in the process.

E-commerce payment systems have evolved

The internet is rapidly evolving which means that all sorts of new business models have been enabled. From transforming the way we buy to ensuring security and compliance requirements are followed, it is essential that businesses today keep up. Online shopping is no longer a gimmick. It is an essential part of our society and e-commerce payment solutions are a big part of that change. From booking flights to ordering groceries, consumers expect to be able to buy the things they want and need at the touch of a button.

For such a fast-moving marketplace, it is strange that the internet has been quite slow in adopting alternative payment methods to those which are accepted on the high street. The good news is that this is about to change thanks to Limonetik’s platform and the variety of e-commerce payment solutions we can introduce to your business.

We empower businesses by enabling e-commerce payment systems that are good for business and good for customers. The Limonetik platform brings a number of innovative and robust e-commerce payment systems to the vendor. The customer then has the freedom to pay the way that suits them best and will usually spend more on the website or in-store as a result. The customer can also choose to use a combination of payment types. For example, they may have a gift card they can put towards the purchase and then use their credit or debit card for the rest. Our system is also able to accept multiple payments, such as deposits and instalments allowing you to give your customers flexible ways to pay.

E-commerce payment systems for POS terminals

For e-commerce payment systems that exist in-store, we offer support for POS systems and terminals. If you only currently offer a handful of payment options to your customers in-store, adding more will give them extra flexibility and freedom to purchase from you. If you are worried about how complex it is to integrate our platform with your POS systems, don’t be. We offer complete peace of mind with our years of expertise and our understanding of the payment industry. As a result, we bring secure, convenient and innovative solutions to businesses like yours.

We work closely with our clients so that we can identify the challenges and barriers that they may be facing with regards to payment options and solutions. Perhaps you have had to turn customers away because you cannot accept the payment method they wish to use, or maybe your competitors are offering more payment solutions than you currently. The good news is that we offer a wide range of payment methods and these can all be integrated with your POS system quickly and easily. These are just some of the ways our e-commerce payment systems can help your customers.

All the expertise you need in one place

Many of our customers come to us because they are either using many different systems to manage payments or have no idea how to start offering multiple payment options. Because we offer all the payment solutions you need under one roof, it means our customers save time and money and can consolidate all of their payment methods onto one platform.

We have helped many merchants to get the best from their e-commerce payment systems and we would be delighted to do the same for you today. Speak to our experts to tell us more about what you need and the problems you are currently facing with taking payments, both online and in-store. Our solutions are secure, compliant and guaranteed to help you win more business, make more profits and increase your customer base. What’s more, we are constantly updating our systems and adding to the payment options we have to offer. It means you can always offer complete freedom to your customers and stay one step ahead of the competition.


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