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E-commerce payment gateway: choose Limonetik

An e-commerce payment gateway must be carefully chosen if you want to optimize all the payment transactions made by customers on your merchant website. Limonetik is a reliable tool that can fit all the payment methods available on merchant websites. It allows efficient management of financial flows, offering a secured and optimized experience to buyers.

Unify payment operations

Having a personalized payment method that offers customers an easy way to purchase goods is an efficient technique to develop your activity. Various payment systems should be available and financial transactions should be facilitated by preventing customers from having any kinds of technical issues.

Adopting an authorization metaserver system is the only solution to carry out these tasks. With that method, all demands performed by the payment service provider and the online retailers will only have to give a global approval for all transactions. That will facilitate the retailer’s responsibility since he will not have to worry about the details and the rules concerning the method of payment used.

Turn to payment marketing

E-Commerce web browsers should adopt a payment gateway that proposes marketing strategy that offers the possibility to perform target marketing and customer fidelity programs. Most of the time, Electronic Commerce business owners propose improved payment flexibility, the use of bank cards, and various discounts in order to keep their customers.

Other payment systems also give Electronic Commerce retailers means to stimulate sales by enhancing and improving the consumers experience when purchasing. Those means are available within the web payment page and contribute to improving trades.

A payment system that meets the expectations of Electronic Commerce companies.

Limonetik is an experienced online payment service provider known for its ability to meet Electronic Commerce Companies’ expectations. Limonetik has developed a system of management that suits all kinds of payments even those that are more recent such as prepaid cards, gift cards, online credits…etc

This system facilitates online financial transactions management due to the metaserver authorization system. This technique takes care of the payment procedures such as authorization request, debits, and charges…etc. Also, Limonetik provides an accounting report in order to facilitate the situation of the financial transactions between Electronic Commerce retailers and the payment methods.

Customers are redirected towards a personalized payment page that has the same visual codes as the company’s website and which proposes services to better assist its customers such as rewards and customer services. The flexibility of the system is an advantage because the customer will be able to choose the payment method that suits him best.

Our payment system presents multiple advantages for companies such as targeted marketing campaigns, discounts, cashbacks, and cash upfronts…etc. You can also take advantages of the customer fidelity programs proposed by payment service providers working with Limonetik.

Why trust Limonetik?

Limonetik specializes in creation and implementation of online means of payment in order to give the optimum payment experience and facilitate the entire purchasing journey. Our head office is based in the French capital. We have been awarded the "Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce" label in 2015 by the American research and advisory company Gartner, giving purchaser’s a guarantee of our quality of our services, as part of a comprehensive payment strategy, Limonetik allows online retailer’s to respond to an evergrowing demand from end-buyers.

Limonetik was established to make complex electronic payment flow management simpler complex electronic payment flow management, whatever the number of means of payment available including digital wallet, coupons, classic credit card, prepaid cards and accounts, online gift vouchers, online gift cards. Limonetik accelerates deployment of payment methods for online retailer’s vendors possibly in collaboration with the payment service provider. Furthermore, Limonetik has demonstrated expert knowledge in financial flows reporting, among which reconciliation of accounts, processing, collecting, foreign currency translation, etc.


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