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Which credit card payment gateway is best?

If you are seeking a credit card payment gateway to manage online money transactions on your website, Limonetik is one of the best solutions currently available. It fives you the possibility of dealing with multiple and combined operations, even if your customers are using different kinds of credit cards for only one purchase.

What was Limonetik created for?

Limonetik’s platform and credit card payment gateway is dedicated to all merchant sites that have needs in payment methods creation and implementation aimed at improving the payment experience, and easing the entire purchase process. Effective complex electronic payment flows management is made feasible with Limonetik, whatever the methods of payment available: online gift cards, prepaid cards and accounts, online holiday vouchers, online loyalty program, standard credit card. Limonetik aims at accelerating payment methods connexion for online sale players directly or through their PSP. Furthermore, Limonetik allows marketplace bills automation along with dematerialized refunds.

A credit card payment gateway for multiple payments

Internet entrepreneurs are beginning to look for more from their credit card payment gateway. They are looking at the many payment channels enjoyed by physical retailers and wondering why they, too, cannot accept alternative forms of payment, such as gift-cards, vouchers, ewallet payments and loyalty points. High Street businesses are keen to enable these sorts of payments in order to make themselves more attractive and accessible to clients, so it no wonder that online retailers will seek to do the same. In the past, the technical difficulty and expense of implementing such a system would dissuade most but now Limonetik has created the solution.

Adding value to credit cards payments gateways

A huge percentage of online retail is conducted using credit and debit cards but Limonetik is dedicated to extending the types of payment that can be accepted. Indeed, the Limonetik credit card payment gateway enables many of the payment types enjoyed by High Street businesses and also enables a variety of payment pathways. For example, vendors using the Limonetik platform can offer pathways such as deposits and installments and can also accept more than one payment type for a single purchase. In doing so, Limonetik makes it easier for the customer to spend and hence increases sales on the website.

A credit card payment gateway that increases customer trust and loyalty

A typical online retailer may spend much money and time bringing potential customers to his website but his payment pages do not always convert these customers. It is known that more than two thirds of visitors who start the checkout process never complete their purchase but too many credit card payment gateway providers simply ignore this fact. Limonetik is different. The Limonetik platform has been created to actively address these issues and is focused on creating more profitable and loyal customers. Here’s how.

A credit card payment gateway to build the customer base

Limonetik increases customer spending power by enabling more payment channels and allowing multiple payment types to be used in one purchase. Where appropriate, the vendor can also enable deposits and installments to be used. The Limonetik credit card payment gateway then creates branded payment pages in order to reassure the customer that the site is genuine. This trust is also built by clear connections to support staff. During the checkout process, which has been honed to be quick and easy, the customer can be presented with dynamically generated offers, dependent upon his site activity. The retailer can then reward the completed purchase by using loyalty points, thus encouraging the customer to return and spend again.

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Limonetik specializes in development and integration of online means of payment in order to improve payment experience and facilitate the whole customer path. Our company’s headquarters is based in the French capital. Since 2015, we have been granted the "Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce" label by the American research and advisory company Gartner, which is a guarantee of our quality of our services. Limonetik drastically shortens implementation time of means of payment on online stores directly or using payment service provider.

With its multi-channel payment platform, Limonetik allows merchant sites to satisfy an evergrowing demand from end-client’s. Limonetik platform expands to dematerialised compensation, which covers processing, collecting, foreign currency conversion, reconciliation of accounts, etc. Limonetik was established to ensure more effective management of complex electronic payment flow management, even in case of a broad range of means of payment for example online loyalty program, prepaid cards and accounts, bank card, coupons, online gift cards.


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