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Christophe bourbier


Christophe bourbier

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Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
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Christophe bourbier

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Christophe Bourbier, one of Limonetik’s founders

Limonetik’s concept was created by Christophe Bourbier while he was trying to find something that really has nothing to do with its current use. That was though a good mistake as Limonetik is now one of the best online payment methods management that can be used by sellers and buyers in e-commerce activities.

What is Limonetik made for?

Limonetik, created by Christophe Bourbier, shortens delays of means of payment connexion for sale website if needed by involving the PSP. Facilitator of cross-channel payment, Limonetik helps merchant site make alternative payment instruments available for the clients. Limonetik’s business is the creation and roll-out of e-means of payment made for improving the payment experience and optimizes the entire build customer loyalty.

Christophe Bourbier, cofounder of Limonetik

Limonetik was cofounded back in 2007 by Christophe Bourbier. After graduating from the University of San Diego in California with a masters degree in business and international relations, Christophe followed his passion and got immediately involved in entrepreneurship. He founded Limonetik after being frustrated by how he was not able to spend the money given to his Internet wedding list at online stores. This led him to research the market and realise that, although payment methods do were multiplying, the number of ways you can pay online is actually very small. Christophe realised that there was a business opportunity here to put that right.

The philosophy of Christophe Bourbier

Christophe Bourbier immediately saw that there was indeed an opportunity to create a platform that would not only enable the use of a far wider variety of payments, but would also enrich the experience of the visitor. The key to the success of the Limonetik project, however, was to ensure that the complexity of all of the connections between disparate systems was hidden not only from the user but from the merchant as well. This was vital because if the system was too complex, expensive or time consuming to implement, then it simply would not succeed. Likewise, any complexity introduced to the consumer could result in more abandoned carts and decreased sales.

The genius of Christophe Bourbier and the Limonetik team

Making the complex simple is really what Christophe Bourbier and Limonetik are really all about. Only by achieving this will the solution reach its target audience and benefit both the consumer and the merchant to the fullest degree. The world of online retailing is complex and demanding enough, so any solution must not add to this but instead simplify payment flows and enhance both the user experience and the sales opportunities of the merchant.

A new approach to payment pages from Limonetik and Christophe Bourbier

At Limonetik, Christophe Bourbier and his team see the payment page as a sales opportunity. They understand that up to 68% of potential customers do not complete their shopping cart and the Limonetik solution has been created to tackle this issue. The personalisation reassures visitors that they are on the right site and the rapid access to support staff is reassuring. Instant offers reward their loyalty and a smooth and easy payment process, with the preferred payment methods available, means that they are far more confident in their purchase and more likely to complete their purchase, resulting in more satisfied customers and more sales.

Limonetik’s platform is dedicated to all e-commerce sites who have needs in payment instruments creation and roll-out with the objective of the payment experience and facilitate the entire purchase process.. With its platform of cross-channel payment, Limonetik is to help online retailers put alternative means of payment at the clients disposal. With Limonetik, complex electronic payment flow management is more efficient, regardless of the tools of payment proposed for example online holiday vouchers, online gift cards, online purse, prepaid cards and accounts, standard credit card. The functions of Limonetik platform comprise marketplace bills automation along with dematerialized compensation. Limonetik limits delays of means of payment connexion for internet-based sales directly or via the PSP.