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Best payment gateway


Best payment gateway

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Easily connect worldwide payment methods and offer a seamless and personalized customer experience by creating your own
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Best payment gateway

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Maximize your productivity by reducing the complexity of payment flows management with services such as collecting, reconciliation,
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Enable scalable remittances especially designed for the marketplace business model and boost your business with a complete system which
supports any currency

What is the best online payment gateway?

If you want to use the best payment gateway for your online boutique or for the online services you provide, Limonetik offers you a solution that will fit all your needs. This flexible tool will simplify the process of all payment method you use on your site.

Online payment: a critical issue

There are now different ways for consumers to perform online payments such as bank cards, online payment services, all forms of discounts, and gift cards… taking care of all those forms of payment and encouraging purchases has become essential for an online retailer. Moreover, it is important that the consumer know exactly all forms of payments that exist when purchasing online and that he be provided the best service available.

Technical difficulties and issues are challenges faced by online retailers. As a matter of fact, managing financial transactions from different sort of systems and platforms makes the use of multiple payment methods difficult. It is therefore critical that all those methods be combined as one single system in order to better manage online trades.

The advantages related to a unified payment system.

Establishing a better online payment system presents multiple advantages. It facilitates the integration of other transaction technologies different from the one already used by the company. Customers have in that case the opportunity to choose the payment method that suits them best. Furthermore, an intermediate system provides a more flexible technique because a third party provider takes care of all the transaction services.

Furthermore, combining all forms of payment as one single method could facilitate the payment procedure and alleviate the tasks of both customer and retailer. This later will receive a detailed accounting report and budget monitoring without managing a considerable amount of data. Customers will not have to repeat the same action for each payment system when using a combined payment system. This method is very practical essentially when the consumer wishes to pay all his purchases by using different payment schemes such as gift cards, bank cards, and discounts…etc

How to choose an online payment system

Online payment services require a multidisciplinary expertise due to the fact that it covers a wide variety of subjects such as trade, money, computers, and electronics. It is therefore essential that a company choose a professional online payment service provider due to the fact that payment and transactions are critical to the life span of an Electronic Commerce business.

Limonetik has more than 10 years of experience in online payment services. Our mission is to make sure that our consumer gets the best service possible and that transactions are done with ease. In that matter, our payment gateway is a real added value to an Ecommerce business.

Limonetik’s platform is appropriate for all sale website who are interested in payment instruments creation and roll-out in order to improve the payment experience and smoothen the entire purchase. Effective complex electronic payment flows management is feasible with Limonetik, even when the solutions of payment proposed are multiple, only to mention standard credit card, prepaid cards and accounts, online holiday vouchers, electronic wallet, online gift cards. With its platform of cross-channel payment, Limonetik gives all electronic commerce sites the opportunity to vary their portfolios with the alternative payment instruments claimed by customers. Limonetik’s objective is to minimize time of payment methods connexion for sale website possibly with the support of the payment service provider. Limonetik offers innovative services as marketplace bills automation as well as paperless refunds.