Payment methods

Expand your merchants reach in one integration.
Increase transactions volumes!

Benefit from our network effect…

Spread the world

Access to thousand of merchants and to gateways that covers the European & International market

Stop lengthy and costly integrations

1 integration to connect to the most important European gateways. Few minutes to be activated

Diversity is differentiation

We manage Wallets, Payments by installment, Vouchers, Cards, Prepaid Cards, Bank Transfers, Direct Debit, Gift Cards, Pots, Loyalty programs or payment on Invoices

Become marketplace compatible

Limonetik adapts your cinematic for marketplace payments, multiple-vendors transactions and mixed basket

Manage your activities

Easy-to-use payment back-office to access your ledger, view your transactions, manage refunds or create specific reports

Jordan Graison, Limonetik & Oscar Berglund, Trustly, interviewed by ThePaypers

Access to the european market

Reach merchants

Don’t wait 2 years to be planned in major processors roadmaps.

Integrate our ecosystem!

Specialise in industry verticals

Retail, food or travel industries have specific requirements.

Unlock new verticals!

Use Marketplace platform

Use your preferred independent software vendors connected to Limonetik.

Integrate limonetik ecosystem​