You are a marketplace. You have no resources to waste becoming a financial institution.
Let Limonetik take care of these complex challenges

Limonetik is a marketplace payment orchestrator.

Marketplace payment is not simple

It requires managing multiple vendors and mixed basket purchases as well as connections to marketplace front office systems

Ledger management is key for the business

Design business rules of your model. Let Limonetik automatically credit every cent to the right beneficiary

Do not worry about debt recovery

Our unique real-time marketplace ledger enables vendors settlement net of marketplace and payment processing fees

Keep your trusted partners

Limonetik is the marketplace orchestrator. Include your preferred and trusted payment partners such as acquirer and gateway into your solution

Be compliant, avoid fines

Comply with the latest scheme and regulator requirements

Cover the world with over 250 payment methods

International vendors attract cross-border visitors. International payment methods attract cross-border buyers

To aim at an ambitious goal, focus on what you control

Enable marketplace

Integrate Limonetik marketplace payment platform.
Act and overcome challenges!

Accept payment methods

Add up to 250 ways to pay.

Attract buyers!


Use marketplace platform

Use your preferred independent software vendors connected to Limonetik.
Check our integration!


Run your marketplace