Marketplaces, shared and gig economy

Limonetik has managed Marketplace payments for over 10 years so it understands the challenges and intricacies of the sector very well

Limonetik offers a full stack technology to help you meet your customers’ needs and to continue growing your business

Managing marketplace payments is not simple

It requires managing multiple vendors, enabling mixed basket purchases as well as connecting to marketplace management systems

Start mass onboarding of merchants

Avoid laborious manual process and automatically sign up multiple merchants via our near-real-time onboarding platform

Be compliant, avoid fines

Comply with the latest regulator and scheme requirements governing payment licensing fund management and settlement

Over 250 payment methods

Improve your payment options by allowing users to pay with their preferred currencies and payment method

Keep your trusted partners

Use Limonetik as an end-to-end partner or as an top layer additional provider, so that you can continue using keep your existing acquirer and gateway where they are

No more worrying about debt recovery

Our unique real-time marketplace ledger enables vendor settlement net of marketplace and payment processing fees so the marketplaces get their commission as soon as the transaction is settled and don't have to do separate invoicing

Your buyers required modern & agile payment solutions

Discover our payment methods catalog

All payment methods you need to satisfy your business

Worldwide payment methods

Want to expand your business internationaly?

Accept B2B payment methods

Add up to 250 ways to pay.

attract buyers!

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