Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB)

Renewing the Retail, a New Way of Business

The rise of Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB) is now linked and, in its wake, the transformation of retail

1st target: the milleniums

Created first for online sales, by and for young generations (millennials), following their codes and their relationship to brands and social networks, the DNVBs are attracting more and more consumers

Pure-players without intermediaries

Who does not know Le Slip Français, Sézane, Bergamotte, lululemon… these pure-players of e-commerce! Specialized in a vertical, they are often single-product and "direct-to-consumer" oriented, that is to say without intermediary (s)

Creators of committed communities

These brands renew the standards of traditional retail. They create more interactions and dialogues with their greedy customers for a more personal and personalized shopping experience, more in line with their values ​​and habits

What's about payment?

Payment methods proposed by DNVBs must adapt to these new consumers and new habits. They complete the global services portefolio of these Brands

Innovation at the service of the brand

The success of DNVBs depends on the collection, analysis and use of data. They are based on a seamless, personalized and omnichannel customer experience. The payment methods they offer must therefore be in line with their strategy: innovative, integrated into the purchasing process, omnichannel, etc.

Respectful payment methods

Their "customer-centric" approach places people at the heart of the company's raison d'être. Committed, these brands work with service providers and partners themselves in a virtuous loop that carries meaning and respects the fundamental principles of sustainable development

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