Acquirers & financial institution

Acquire more payment methods and manage marketplaces

Payment evolves quickly and continuously. Limonetik provides tech solution to expand your services

Expand your catalog with over 250 payment methods

Less than 33% of online international payments are credit card transactions. Expand your acquiring abilities

Connect to over 100 payment providers ecosystem

1 integration to connect to dozens of gateways, acquirers and independent software vendors

Ledger mitigates risk

Perform risk assessment, monitoring, onboarding, KYC & settlements with your policies, our ledger and our tools

Manage payments through our back-office

Easy-to-use payment back-office to access your ledger, view your transactions, manage refunds or create specific reports

Manage marketplace complexity

Enable multiple-vendors and mixed basket through a compliant model for scheme and regulator

Onboard hundreds of vendors a week

Digital collect and automatic analysis to ease your underwriting

Have new ambitions by adding tech in your products

Accept payment methods

Credit cards are no longer exclusive.
Expand your catalog!

Enable marketplace

Marketplace is a must-have. Your services also.
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Expand your services with a trusted technological enabler.

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