Online payment services are advertising themselves!

Online payment services are advertising themselves!

Since the 22nd of March 2015, French, Italian and Spanish television viewers have been exposed to the first advertising campaign of the online payment service PayPal. The objective of this publicity drive? To become better known by the general public by putting the spotlight on online shoppers.

Although the computer remains the most used tool when it comes to e-commerce, the volume of purchases made from mobile phones is increasing rapidly. According to a global survey by GlobalWebIndex, over a third of grown up online shoppers now make purchases by mobile phone. Furthermore, each month, no fewer than 40% of Internet users connect to an online store via their phone. Today, the majority of e-commerce sites offer PayPal as a payment solution. Through their advertising campaign, PayPal now wants to attract consumers. It is therefore the online shoppers that are highlighted in comical everyday life situations.

Following on from the e-commerce professionals, PayPal now wants to attract consumers

Consumers behind their screens are supposed to discover how e-commerce simplifies everyday life by allowing them to buy original products at the best prices whilst enjoying the benefits of “traditional” stores (easy product exchanges, refunds for unwanted purchases, etc).

Jean-François Rochet, marketing director at Paypal, explains that the brand is not only trying to attract new customers by encouraging them to test this new payment experience but also trying to encourage existing customers to make further use of this service. Simplicity, comfort, security and speed: these are the values that the online payment service wishes to convey. It is the agency Havas Worldwide which conducted the advertising campaign in accordance with Paypal’s new orientation towards a “People Economy”. The message is based on the human being, his perception and the ways in which he manages his money. The scenes are played out in a humourous tone. Gestures and practical utilisation of the service are emphasized at the expense of the dialogue, a style reminiscent of silent cinema and British comedies. Receiving a sweater of the wrong size and having to return it, having a broken item delivered… examples of situations that illustrate the benefits of payment via Paypal.

Recall that PayPal, which exists since 1998, processes more than 11.5 million payments per day. The 162 million active accounts worldwide benefit from an open and secure ecosystem where individuals and companies can make secure online transactions. We imagine that this campaign will give ideas to other players in the online payment solutions market and, at the same time, participate in the growth of e-commerce.

The democratization of online payment methods is up and running!