Omnichannel or the promise of an ideal customer experience, Paul Lacroix, Limonetik

Omnichannel or the promise of an ideal customer experience, Paul Lacroix, Limonetik

Paul LacroixLimonetik: “An omnichannel strategy calls for a holistic vision. It should support business growth, ensure customer satisfaction, reduce fraud, and improve customer service.”

By applying the omnichannel strategy, the holy grail of the perfect customer experience, the retail world has been undergoing a transformation. After multichannel and cross-channel content strategies, we have entered the era of omnichannel, which promises the ideal customer experience. This model is reinventing business.

What does omnichannel mean for merchants? Total ubiquity.

Omnichannel reaches everywhere! In other words, it contributes to unifying and harmonising the customer experience. Stores have had to go digital in order to be connected online. They must comply with standards and IT systems to be able to manage online and offline sales together. Data and processes must be standardised and centralised. This is a requirement for all types of customer transactions. In terms of pure logistics and inventory management, an IT department must cover all distribution channels: warehouses, outlets, etc. The same applies to shipping: the quality of service and delivery deadlines for shipping companies must be uniform whether the destination is a residence, store, or pick-up point.

Special attention to the four principles of an omnichannel project: organisation, supply, customer experience and logistics

While omnichannel has constantly relied on all the new modes of communication, it also faces challenges in terms of management and human resources (HR). The entire HR policy of a business is affected. In the supply chain, the cashier becomes consultant as well as warehouse worker, logistician, carrier or courier. Due to the upheavals caused by the digital industry, a business must develop strategies to support change and a coherent HR policy to meet omnichannel demands.

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