Limonetik upholds its commitment to diversity

Limonetik upholds its commitment to diversity

With an ambitious CSR strategy, Limonetik, along with the 3800 signatories to the French Diversity Charter, is committed to combating discrimination and promoting diversity.

We believe that diversity is a worthy economic and social challenge for our company. Diversity plays a beneficial role at the heart of our strategy and has major impact on our creativity and competitiveness.” —CEO Christophe Bourbier.

This proactive approach started in 2015 when the company became a member of the Global Compact. Today, more than ever, Limonetik would like to be a major international player in the market without neglecting the fundamental values that its managing staff and employees share. “Being a key player in a humane society is of prime importance. We want to contribute to a healthier economy and a sustainable planet.”

By joining France’s network of Les entreprises pour la Cité (Business for the Social Projects), the aggregator of international payment services wants to promote social diversity and even surpass the legal framework of the fight against discrimination. Limonetik hopes to play a key role in building a more stable, inclusive and sustainable society.

Every year we conduct a social-climate survey and share our CSR projects and commitments with both our employees and partners.” Thus, all stakeholders (i.e. employees, customers, suppliers, subcontractors) are being made aware and increasingly vigilant about their essential role. Limonetik has implemented a social policy guaranteeing equal treatment in career development for its employees, promoting diversity and preventing discrimination. They have created official committees to promote career development and social inclusion. In a purely technological IT ecosystem the company’s workforce includes nine different cultures and more than 30% females. “Signing the charter enables us to affirm our commitment to many other economic players, but also to encourage our partners and competitors to show responsibility for their strategies and operations.”

Proud of Limonetik’s approach to social responsibility, 44% of the employees are involved in CSR actions carried out by the company.

About the Diversity Charter

Drafted in 2004, the Diversity Charter is an undertaking that now has nearly 3800 signatories (companies, public institutions, associations, local authorities, etc.). The charter is presented to all employers who wish to actively promote diversity and go beyond the strict legal framework of the fight against discrimination, making diversity a strategic priority.


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