Limonetik publishes a Zoom Into Payments

Limonetik publishes a Zoom Into Payments

A detailed overview of the payment industry: its actors, processes and changes. 

Dive into ZOOM INTO PAYMENTS, a document done by Limonetik to easily understand an exciting FINTECH sector. Limonetik, one of the most important disruptive suppliers in the payments industry, awarded by Gartner as a “cool vendor in Digital commerce, 2015”, understands the difficulty of apprehending the payment sector with all its complexities and rapid changes. Why these evolution? What new issues meet the actors? Who there are and what are their specificities?

As an expert in Full service solutions, Limonetik decided to provide the market with a clear and detailed overview of a booming sector. In ZOOM INTO PAYMENTS, Limonetik introduces the key evolution from a processing Business to Full service offers, legislative changes the industry has suffered. Limonetik also sorts out all of the segment’s players to facilitate the understanding of the role of each and their coopetitive way to interact with each other.

Through its Zoom into Payments, Limonetik proposes you to dive into a fantastic new buzzing area. The International Industry of Payment!

To clarify the universe of payments, read the Cartography, Be an explorer!

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