Limonetik helps Sodexo launching “Vivent les restos”, platform to cope with Covi19 and helps the 200,000 restaurant owners in France

When our clients commit, so we do... Sodexo lauch its platform "Vivent les restos"

Limonetik helps Sodexo launching “Vivent les restos”, platform to cope with Covi19 and helps the 200,000 restaurant owners in France

Sodexo is committed to helping France’s 200,000 restaurant owners cope with the Covid-19 crisis and is launching “Vivent les restos”, the first online donation platform, in association with the UMIH.

As a preferred partner of restaurant owners for 50 years as an issuer of meal vouchers, Sodexo is working alongside them, putting its expertise, network and technology at their service, in association with the UMIH.

The “Vivent les restos” online donation platform enables any person or company wishing to do so to provide solidarity support to restaurants, thus helping them to cope with the difficulties caused by the lack of activity imposed by the measures taken to combat the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. Sodexo will match 50% of the first 10,000 donations from individuals.

To meet the urgency of the situation, Sodexo has called on its payment partner, Limonetik. This partnership made it possible to develop a robust payment brick in record time.

In concrete terms, how does it work?

By logging on to the “Vivent les Restos” platform, Internet users can make a donation to their favorite restaurant or to a solidarity fund via credit card payment. New means of payment will be available on the platform very soon.

The funds generated will be usable without restriction. They will thus be able to contribute to the immediate expenses, but also to prepare the reopening and secure the future of the restaurants.

“In line with Sodexo’s values, we are fully committed to combating the health, social and economic consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. Between threats of closure and uncertain conditions for reopening, the situation of restaurant owners is very worrying. With “Vivent les restos“, we are mobilizing to support them and help them get through this unprecedented crisis.

We also welcome the measures taken by the government to raise the daily ceiling for the use of restaurant vouchers from €19 to €38. We have been working for these arrangements since the beginning of the crisis. The meal voucher will thus be able to contribute to the economic recovery,” said François Gaffinel, Chief Executive Officer of Sodexo Pass France.

“The UMIH Foodservices branch wanted to join this initiative in favour of our restaurant owners. UMIH, which has been completely shut down since mid-March, is working to ensure that our establishments can reopen in the best possible sanitary conditions for our employees and clients at the beginning of June. During this crisis, the French people’s expressions of attachment have touched all chefs and we are eager to return to conviviality in our restaurants,” commented Hubert Jan, President of UMIH Restaurants.

Restaurant vouchers in France – key figures

  • 220,000 affiliated restaurateurs and merchants
  • 140,000 client companies and communities
  • 4 million employee beneficiaries
  • 70% of restaurant vouchers are spent in traditional and fast food restaurants.
  • 15% on average of restaurant operators’ turnover