Limonetik consolidates growth, announcing 120% transaction volume increase for 1st Half 2017

Limonetik consolidates growth, announcing 120% transaction volume increase for 1st Half 2017

The fintech firm is shoring up its position as a major player in the area of international payment collection and B2B marketplaces

Limonetik, world-class player in the business of international payment collection and online e-commerce marketplaces, and partner of leading European buyers and payment service providers, has posted an increase of 120% in transaction volume processed in the 1st half of 2017, forecasting even higher results for the second semester. The company is targeting €400 million in transactions by year end.

“In a context of strong internationalisation and renewal of business models, our team is driven by a steady dynamic and energy that is allowing us to accelerate our growth and performance”, comments Christophe Bourbier, Limonetik CEO. “We owe our excellent results to the strategy we created in early 2015, and these results prove we made the right choice in terms of our positioning and investments”.

Marketplaces, B2B and internationalisation, growth driven by changes in e-commerce

The strong acceleration of Limonetik’s growth is sustained by several joint factors. Online marketplaces have been established as the new benchmark for distribution models. They boost sales, enrich product catalogues, and reduce costs. They are likely to take over 39% of the retail market share within 3 years.

Players on the B2B-side are launching a full-on campaign in e-commerce. Sales between businesses are going digital, becoming faster and simpler. BtoB digital orders have grown by over 30% in the last few months. Online sales may be taking off, but buying habits and payment tools are still very different in the B2C world.

In a market gone global by default, e-merchant websites are going fully international. The BtoC online market is projected to exceed $4,000 billion by 2020.

Limonetik offers 125 payment methods, value added services such as the management of bank transfers, with drawls, financial cash flow reconciliation—all the features needed for international marketplaces whether BtoC or BtoB. Integrated with Amadeus Orchestra, Mirakl and many others, the Limonetik payment platform, with its revolutionary new DNA, is designed to meet the challenges in today’s and tomorrow’s e-commerce world: Internationalisation, BtoB, and the online marketplace business model.