Ergonomics of payment: the union of web and electronic banking expertise

Ergonomics of payment: the union of web and electronic banking expertise

Ergonomics is about how man may use and interact with a machine. A well made website should clearly guide the user to his or her goal. Let’s take a closer look at the mixture of design and technique that make up the ergonomics of payment.

Ergonomics is “the science of interfaces”, which should be used to improve the overall experience of visiting a website and help the user to understand the available functions. It is therefore essential, especially for e-commerce websites.

To be effective, a website should:

  • Be navigable
  • Be readable
  • Prioritise content
  • Be interactive
  • Convert visitors into customers

About payment, e-consumers are looking for security and a range of payment options. According to a study by PwC regarding mobile payments, the concerns of the French principally relate to piracy (70%), geolocation (63%) and data storage (54%). To reassure consumers on the Internet, authentication systems such as 3D Secure exist. The downside of these systems is increased complexity as each payment requires several exchanges of information, back and forth. And obviously, as more and more methods of payment are developed, these exchanges become more and more numerous. This complexity should in no way be perceived by the user. It must, for example, be able to return to the previous stage of payment. This should be possible in a transparent and easy way although, even if we know of the significant difficulties of such a reset.

While it is important not to forget the technique side, it must be put into perspective in order to improve the payment experience from the user’s point of view. A dynamic and responsive payment page will display the payment methods relevant to the customer and the specific purchase, whilst putting aside those which are inappropriate.

By looking through the eyes of the user, improving the payment experience can help to optimize the conversion rate. It is the ultimate goal of a mixture of technology and webdesign.