“E-Wallets”, payment of the future?” Workshop – E-business Exhibition / 26th September 2013

“E-Wallets”, payment of the future?” Workshop – E-business Exhibition / 26th September 2013

In the context of the e-wallet frenzy which is affecting the market and the plethora of new wallet announcements (PayLib, Yapital…), since last spring Limonetik has wanted to review the situation linked to this new payment method.
Therefore Limonetik commissioned the analytical consultancy firm ADN’Co with the task of carrying out an overview of the market and defining the potential outlooks for development for 2016.

In front of an audience of a hundred people, Christophe Bourbier, president of Limonetik, opened a workshop whose objective was to take stock of the art of the wallets sector, without losing perspective on their use by purchasers and to address above all the fundamental question for e-traders of whether or not it is necessary to choose a single wallet.

Luc Boucey went on to present an overview of the results of the study. In order to define the world of wallets, the analyst proposed a sufficiently large and open definition to respond to all the observed cases: a wallet, in its most exhaustive sense, is “a digital solution for storing services, integrating payment, loyalty schemes, couponing, access control, ticketing, cash, identity information, etc. Its secure use is simple with a username and password”.

After an overview of the announcements that have appeared over the last few weeks, Luc Boucey analysed the situation on the ground: “it seems that numerous pilots are running. The technological choices are large and give a lot of support but the acceptance network remains a key point for the successful launch of a wallet.”

There are (or rather “there are about to be”) a large variety of wallets; a large number of players with similar outlooks are positioned in this area. In pole position the banking world, who has taken over these new/future payment methods. Then come the major players of business and then the telephone companies (mobile)…

Ultimately traders don’t want to lose control over information and data; the question of the relationship with the purchasers is at the heart of the debate. For them, there are several questions: should an e-business site be mono or multi wallet? Which ones should they choose? Do we have to wait to apply this payment method?

Luc Boucey explains that the question isn’t “will payment via wallets develop”, rather it is “how quickly will it progress”?

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