Consumers: Looking forward to innovative payment experiences – Wider increasing populace of gift cards | Expertise point of view from Clive Williams, Limonetik

Consumers: Looking forward to innovative payment experiences – Wider increasing populace of gift cards | Expertise point of view from Clive Williams, Limonetik

With such rapid evolvement in the world of e-commerce, customers are harbouring higher expectations of their online payment experience, especially considering the emergence up of multiple new payment methods. As one of the emerging popular methods, gift cards show great potential in various areas, like acting as a marketing tool and a trendy payment method.

Consumers want merchants to integrate payment methods with rewards, convenience and wider acceptance

In MasterCard’s first “Retail Social Listening Study, it reveals that customers are expecting merchants to accept more innovative payment technology, enabling them to enjoy the online payment experience with more rewards and convenience.

According to the data of this study, rewards and benefits are the most intensively discussed topics, especially in the sectors of entertainment and fashion. This situation is extremely notable in emerging countries, nearly half of the respondents showed positive and great interest in benefits awarded by the merchants.

Gift cards can be the answer to consumers’ higher expectation

With bonuses awarded, integration of different payment methods, and convenient split payment function, both specific merchant gift cards and wider multiple-use gift cards could solve the problem that merchants confront.

Firstly, with rewards and benefits, gift cards can be used as a marketing tool to boost sales, enhance customer loyalty, attract new customers etc. Meanwhile, with split payment functionality, the money left on the gift cards could be used for additional purchases very easily. In other words, card holders could also part pay for new purchases by using the remaining value of the gift card.

Gift cards can meet the bank account holders’ demands as well

As the study delivered by MasterCard shows the pressure towards merchants from customers’ higher expectation is intense. Such pressure is also directed towards banks. Nowadays, with the digital technology revolution, clients are not satisfied with the basic functions of traditional banks to complete online transactions. They expect payment experiences with new technologies. Gift card could be the key to this challenge.

Equipped with rewards and split payment, the bank gift cards can be used in broader sectors, similar as the multiple-use gift cards mentioned above. Meanwhile, users could be protected from fraud. Additionally, retailer gift cards can increase brand awareness as well, which could give the account holders the impression that is in touch with trendy payment technology.

Clive Williams



Clive Williams, Global Business Development Manager at Limonetik


Limonetik, as an online enriched payment platform (PaaS), provides a “one-stop” shopping payment solution for all the players of e-commerce value chain, connecting payment methods to e-Merchants (directly or through their PSP).  Limonetik’s payment platform has already connected all the gift cards in France, dedicated to connect the gift cards for merchants, enabling customers enjoy the payment experience of innovation.