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Payment by Installments.
Shoppers pay later or pay by invoice

Give shoppers the freedom of frictionless payments. Grow global sales

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Choose from an extensive list of payment products: Pay Later, Pay by Installments, Pay by Invoice ts, different buyer onboarding, geography and pricing

Manage payments via our back-office

Easy-to-use payment back-office to access your ledger, view your transactions, manage refunds or create specific reports

More volumes

Improve the conversion, increase the average basket, purchase frequency and customer loyalty

No risk

The payment scheme covers buyers’ risk. The merchant gets paid immediately

Avoid extra integration and accounting disaster

Payment looks easy! Payments come from technical complexity. Trust Limonetik simple connection and unified report

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Accept more payment methods

More customers, more transactions, more merchants, more revenue

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Find the most relevant payment methods for  your business

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Don’t wait years to be integrated by a payment gateway. Get access to the biggest European payment providers now

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