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Changing Finance to Change the World

A virtuous and ambitious attitude

Environmental impacts

0 We are committed to limiting our travel, energy consumption and the use of office supplies.
0 We inform, train and encourage our employees to use public transport, cycling or walking, but also video conferencing to avoid trips that are harmful to the environment.
0 We only use eco-friendly Rey brand paper.

Social impacts

0 We are committed to the well-being of everyone and offer our employees a safe and pleasant working environment.
0 An annual survey is conducted to measure the satisfaction of our employees. The results, shared with everyone, allow us to take appropriate measures to contribute to the development of everyone.
0 A Code of Conduct signed by all commits us to the fight against all forms of discrimination, intimidation or harassment.


The professional environment, the daily living space, our ecosystem of stakeholders are just as important and alive.
0 Our employees, our customers, our suppliers, public bodies and associations are all men and women who share the same desire: to act with us for people, the planet and our heritage.
0 We conduct annual surveys and field actions to raise awareness among all of our stakeholders and involve them in our efforts.

A Citizen Actor

o We make our employees aware of the beneficial impacts of inclusion through actions in middle and high schools.
o We participate in sports events in priority areas.
o We support associations with humanitarian goals and local initiatives.

A positive carbon footprint by 2025

Our environmental policy leads us to limit our impact on the climate as much as possible.
We are working to reduce our direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by taking measures such as choosing a data center that uses green energy only.

Financial sustainability

0 We are strongly committed to the monitoring and strict application of anti-corruption policies, based on French and European laws.
0 We consider it our responsibility to pay our suppliers on time to contribute to the growth of society as a whole and the development of a healthier economy for all.

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Social and societal impact

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