For an ever lower environmental impact

The environment is at the heart of our daily lives, so we strive to combine commercial efficiency and respect for the environment.
Limonetik is part of the TOP 2% of companies evaluated for its environmental approach by EcoVadis in its sector of activity!

Our engagements

We make a point of honor to broaden our attitude to our stakeholders by involving them in our efforts.

A benchmark of 5 criteria

o Elimination of disruptors and promotion of recycling attitudes,
o Measured and useful use of materials and energy,
o Preferential selection of suppliers with an environmental approach,
o Favoring the least impacting transport, education of our employees to the eco attitude.


o All aspects of our business are affected, from raw materials to our travel. We favor non-polluting transport, video conferences or even targeted and useful emails
o We strive to preserve natural resources by not over-consuming
o We favor suppliers who themselves have an eco-responsible approach, whether in terms of product or service

Internal culture

o To contribute to the fight against climate change, we notably select suppliers that do not use fossil fuels, whether they are our own energy supplier or our hosts
o In our daily life, we strive to reduce our pollution by favoring reusable containers, for example, by monitoring our consumption or by educating our employees
o We have set up walls of greenery in our offices as well as a small garden


We are certified EnVol, the French label for companies that commit to an environmental approach


An annual program entitled "Tous au Vert" has been set up to introduce our employees to the benefits of the environment and plants and its surprises

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Social and societal impact

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